forks with food[Tweet “A healthy digital marketing plan is made up of a balanced diet of email, content, social, and search”]?that will deliver satisfying campaigns and long-term health that will fuel your business. But sometimes we get stuck in a rut, so try adding some of these power-boosting tips to jumpstart your marketing diet.


Plan your weekly marketing shopping list to stock your fridge full of nutritious revenue-generating campaigns. Look through your sales opportunities with your sales team and ask, What marketing activities can we implement or start this week that will help move opportunities down the pipeline? Since most sales teams have status calls on Fridays, join them and review your commitments on Monday so you’re not left with empty-calorie campaigns. A powerful CRM like Insightly can help you access your sales pipeline and easily assign tasks to team members to align campaigns with ongoing activities.


We all have cravings for website traffic but those pesky bounce rates add unwanted pounds. Borrow an idea from Garret Moon at Todaymade to transform those extra lbs into fuel for lead generation. Using Google Analytics, [Tweet “identify pages with high bounce rates and test adding pop-ups that offer related goodies”]?like free white paper downloads or a simple, join our mailing list. Link specific cookies to each treat to test which offer is more persuasive in getting people to stay while avoiding serving up unwanted promotions to regular visitors.


Blogs can be the superfood of digital marketing; they generate traffic for your website, create content for your social channels? insatiable appetite, and provide value to your audience. Carve out an hour to research, outline and write drafts of several blog posts to publish the following week. Resist the temptation to indulge in completing the posts. Let the ideas marinate to ensure the best flavor. With all the research you’ve done for your blog posts, you’ve likely come across some sharable content. Tools like Hootsuite and Rignite can help you schedule sharing across all your social channels, ensuring you’re staying relevant with useful and timely content. Social Media sharing is as important as eating daily vegetables, so use every opportunity to get your daily recommended value.


Now that your blogs have marinated overnight, finalize and schedule them for publication. Do not forget to also schedule promoting your posts on your relevant social channels to coordinate with each release. Consider also promoting your blogs with blogger communities like Triberr where your posts will be read by other bloggers who can use them to enhance their future content and link back to your site, thus improving your website page rankings.


Make sure reservations are made for the weekend’s automated digital marketing activities, including email marketing. While you know which days your email marketing campaigns will deliver the best results given your specific KPIs, don’t forget the power of the weekend emails. Since people have fewer emails coming into their inbox, [Tweet “unique open rates increase dramatically on the weekends”]. Get even more open rates using these 6 simple subject line tips and compare your weekend performance with weekday campaigns.

You might be surprised! You know what’s healthy for your body, and you know what’s right for your company. Timing, frequency, and content are as unique as the seasonings that make any digital marketing meal plan a success. Experimenting with different content recipes and posting strategy ingredients to find what will give you the biggest ROI will make this plan a delicious menu for robust digital health and a strong business.


About the Author: April Lisonbee is a freelancing marketing manager creating and executing marketing strategies for a variety of businesses ranging from B2C start-ups to B2B mid-sized firms. April mentors undergraduate students from her Alma Mater, California State University, Long Beach and develops brand strategies and marketing campaigns for nonprofits as a Taproot Foundation Pro Bono Consultant. April spent several years working in an advertising agency’s accounting department before she began her marketing career with a small consulting firm overseeing marketing activities and consulting global sales teams on enhancing relationship sales techniques. April graduated with a BA in Business Economics and completed an MBA from Europe’s top business school, IE Business School in 2012. She contributes to, as well as many other small business?

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