Web site trends matter. Your?website is a reflection of who you are as a business, so it’s important that you keep it updated, make it user-friendly and make it look good! If you have not updated your website in a few years, there is no better time than doing it right now. If you don’t, you risk falling behind your competitors. If you need a few ideas on what to include on your website, here are a few web site trends that you can incorporate in?2016 and some recommended tools to help you implement them.

Quirky Fun Illustrations

If you haven’t noticed, stock photos are OUT. Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Dare to be fun, quirky, even a little weird as long as its relevant to your brand. For example, if you are a cartoonist, illustrator or you offer a service or product that is related to drawing, coloring, designs, etc. why not add a fun illustration to your website? It can create an edge that no one else has on you and it can be unique and fun for your visitors. There can be moving parts such as a small fun game or it could just be a fun picture you drew. Either way, you can guarantee your boring website will now be exciting!

Check out Author and Small Business Expert, Mike Michalowicz’s blog to see how he’s taken advantage of this trend.

mike blog (1)

If you like this idea, then simply draw your own graphics, snap a photo and upload it to your blog. I’d recommend using a tool like Kraken.io to compress the image so that your site stays fast.

If photos are more your style, then consider snapping your own pictures to use on your site. Of course you can snap them as you need them, or keep a log of the kinds of pictures that you search for online and simply snap your own stock photos as you go through your life. Another idea is to use Flickr images (just be sure to use the advanced search function and choose the appropriate licensing option.)

flickr (1)



Gone are the boring fonts of yesterday. If you really want to stand out and make a new for yourself and your website, why not start looking into typography. Your main content should be very easy to read, and probably pretty plain people are still sticking to the usual fonts. But, for things like headings, subheadings, your business name and your logo(s) its time to start looking into different options.

One common issue with typography designs is that your audience may not see the same typography that you do because of the fonts that are installed on their machine. A great way to make sure that your typography looks the way you intend it to look for everyone is to use Google Web Fonts. This is an open source library of FREE fonts that you can easily use on your site.

High Quality Images Static

Beautiful high-quality images can also make a website stand out. Think your website looks too plain or is boring? Adding a few background images (again relevancy is important) is a great way to brighten up, lighten up and make a web page more exciting and attractive.

You know how they say that a fresh coat of paint is the lowest cost way to update a room in your house – that’s what a fantastic image can do for your web site. Big splash images are really popular right now, but use them carefully.

Here is an example of a photo splash page from Klout.

klout (1)

You don’t have to use a photo — you can also create your own illustration image —

holidays (1)


High-Quality Images Moving Pictures

With the aid of software like Photo shop you can also create moving pictures. These are not to be confused with videos. But, the are actual moving pictures such as a palm tree ?waving? in the wind. Its just something different and its coming in 2016.

Responsive Web designs

These types of sites adjust accordingly, depending on the user viewing them and what devices they are using ie; computer, tablet, phone, music device, etc. As well as the browsers they are using; chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc.

Endless Scrolling

This is incredibly useful for mobile users. Keep scrolling down again and again to find what you want.

Parallax Movement

The background items like pictures in this instance, move slower giving the user the illusion of movement. Its something so very simple, and yet it can really add life to your website.

Navigation Friendly

Your navigation bars top, bottom, side or wherever you place your menus should be user-friendly, easy to access, easy to read, etc. If you want, you can view your competition to see what sorts of menu setups they have on their website.

Galleries for Images

If you don’t want to add high-quality images static or moving right on the front of your site, you should at least be adding galleries. These galleries are great for people that are chef’s and cooks, photographers, swimming pool contractors, architects, builders and building contractors, people involved in the travel industry, painters, illustrators and more. If you have attractive photos that you can post that will show off your work, then you should add a gallery and let the people view your work!


If you have a website that sells a physical product like cars, baby carriages/strollers, cameras, or anything else and there are different angles to those products that people might want to see or you want people to see, motion animation is a good option for you and its becoming quite the trend in 2016. Essentially you place your mouse on the product and move the mouse back and forth or use arrows to turn the entire thing from front to side to back, to side to front. Very visually stimulating, attractive, and it will allow your visitor to view ALL the aspects of the product. You might be surprised at how often your users will use this.