Check Out These Content Marketing Strategy Hacks

If you’ve been practicing several content marketingstrategies, then you already know that these strategies are changing about as often as you change your clothes — well maybe not that quickly but perhaps as often as the seasons. Either way, what you thought was true on one day, may not be true the next.

Luckily Andrea Lehr (@AndreaMLehr), the Brand Relationship Manager for Fract recently published an article over at The Next Web, that outlines what they’ve learned from measuring 5 years’ worth of data on their content strategies. What they learned might surprise you.

Lesson #1: Become a storyteller, offering high-value, low-branded content to enhance a consumer?s online experience while also staying in the forefront of their minds. Focus your attention by developing a content calendar.

Content calendars are as unique as you are. The key is to find the format that works best for you. Here are some great content calendar resources you can check out:



Lesson #2: Use Video: Out of the 17 events analyzed, more than 70 percent listed video as one of the top three content formats that earned the highest average shares .

If you’re wondering what KIND of videos? Here’s your answer.

Another interesting insight? A majority of the most shared videos were either some sort of parody or a simple how-to, which is something to keep in mind when generating ideas.

If you’re a procrastinator like ME — and you haven’t developed your content calendar for the entire year — you will think this is awesome news:

Lesson #3: Create and share killer content in Q4.? The average number of social shares per event went through the roof in Q4. The culprits? Holidays, specifically Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Listicles and ?why? posts were the most popular content formats for all three holidays.

Other popular events to focus on during Q4 include the weekend of Black Friday/Cyber Monday and New Year?s Eve each event averaged more than 1,200 shares per post.

So when should you start curating this content? Thanksgiving and Christmas production should begin around September while Halloween can start as early as July if you want to capitalize on the high social traction of videos.

Download Alexa’s Content Calendar with Optimum Dates to Post

Alexa has generously shared their content calendar — click on the image and it will take you to a page where you can download your own.



Social Media is Content Too!

Status updates are one thing, but social media is also a “micro-blogging” tool. Between all the selfies and the images we post and share, it’s easy to forget that having a content calendar for your social media posts is a good idea. Luckily the folks at HubSpot have already thought of this and provide a free social media content calendar that you can download and use —

social calendar

As 2016 draws to a close remember that the best is yet to come — take some time to focus on the upcoming events, holidays and cultural news and create content around that. 2016 is a lucky year because we have a couple bonus events; the 2016 Summer Olympics and the Presidential Election. Start planning your content now because you know that there will be lots of interesting shares around those.

BONUS LESSON — Granted, you can’t always plan for viral content – but it’s a great idea to write down all of the events that will be happening from now until the end of the year. Then brainstorm some creative content ideas. Think about all the things that could possibly happen or go wrong and then prepare a few strategies or content ideas. For example, weather is something fun to play with. You can plan contests or posts around whether it rains or not, how many hot days, how many cool days, etc. You can also assume that there might be some sports drama around the Olympics such as someone dropping out, or winning in a big way – there may even be a doping scandal or something happening with a venue. Think about the eventualities and see what you might do. You may not use them, but they will be in your back pocket to tweak and launch whenever the opportunity presents iteself.