Creative marketing can do one of two things for you. Either you can dig yourself into debt and go full force ahead while crossing your fingers, hoping that the return will pay that loan or you can stop worrying and stick to your guns with a low budget. Often times, we have big dreams and think that big dreams means big money. Stop worrying! I will let you in on my secret to powerful brand building on a skimpy budget.

Create a High Impact Brand Using a Marketing Theme

At the end of the day what you want to do is literally drive your customer to the store. Catchy phrases or jingles that we all recognize on television ads or simply a picture that is engraved into your market audience’s mind are all avenues to the store. Aligning your market theme with the vision of your company is a sure way to create a high impact brand. Depending on what type of business your theme could be for an entire year, each quarter, monthly or even from week to week.

  • Step One: Design your theme

Your theme should be both specific and flexible. Your company’s vision will help you define what you are trying to portray to the audience. Keeping your theme flexible will allow you to move with the ever changing marketplace without giving the appearance that you are changing but rather a solid company with a solid product and/or service. As an example, when I see a Stagecoach I immediately think of Wells Fargo Bank. This stagecoach is a flexible brand and it can be driven in any direction that the bank would need to take to keep up with the financial industry. Now the stagecoach is only one part of the branding for Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo Bank has had different themes throughout the years. Currently, their theme is ?Together we’ll go far. The theme is specific they want to work with the customer to gain a purpose (that purpose would be defined individually by each customer). The theme is flexible it allows each customer to determine where they are going together with Wells Fargo Bank.

  • Step Two: Build you message

Take your theme and convey your message. What is it exactly that you are trying to convey to your market audience? You want them to know exactly how you can help them or why your product is the best product in the marketplace. Together we’ll go far. This conveys a very important principle in any kind of business transactions. Togetherness, you cannot create a service or a sale without both parties involved. This theme defines a customer service like no other they want to work together with you. Again, you have to stay focused on your vision and portray that vision through your theme and that theme is part of building your brand.

  • Step Three: Deliver your message

Now that you have defined and built a theme that will ensure to grab the attention of your audience you need to deliver that message. You don’t have to use the expensive television ads, newspaper ads or radio commercials. You can deliver your message through multiple inexpensive channels. The first place to start is your web site. Deck the halls of your web site to influence your browsers and leave an impression. Start a blog and add articles describing your product and/or service to ensure that you are getting your message through. You can use a specific type of writing called SEO which will force your article/blog to come up on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Your sales presentations should always evolve around your theme. Have you seen or heard of the power of social media? Take advantage of all trends with the public. Currently, social media is a big hit so utilize places like Twitter and Facebook. Create videos that could be uploaded to YouTube. The delivery of your message can be sent instantly to the whole world. Drive your message across multiple channels and you will see the difference on your bottom line.

Take these steps and flourish your brand recognition and influence the bottom line. You can stick to a healthy budget for your marketing campaign and see tremendous success. With the right theme and multiple delivery channels you will showcase your vision to the customer. Next thing you know they are picking up their keys driving to the store.