Many businesses now recognize the appeal of printed and digital media in comparison to concentrating on the online space exclusively. Most small business owners reach out to customers online and via social media and continue to use direct mail and newsletters at the same time. An email strategy is another method small business owners often use for re-engagement. The use of all of these methods allows business owners to reach a larger audience opposed to simply reaching out online.

All business owners have a budget to work around and want to get the most bang for the almighty dollar without sacrificing good quality. Free and cheap can hurt your business, and, when it comes to printing marketing materials, it’s not always a clear decision to do it in-house or hire a professional.

Basics such as business cards and branded envelopes are all smart to have on hand. Whether or not to print other materials depends on your marketing strategy and how assertive you are about the promotion of your business offline. Here are some other tips to help you as you print branded materials yourself instead of sending projects to the nearest print shop:

Consider cost and print volume.

If you need sizeable amounts of printed materials, printing in-house can help keep a lot of money in your own hands. It’s important to realize that businesses that outsource printing typically order much more than they need or use. Even if you feel like you’re getting your materials for a good price, take a moment to consider how many of those papers wind up in the recycle bin a few months later and you may decide that the price isn’t really as good as you thought.

As long as you have the needed tools on hand and people who know what they are doing, you can generate a similar outcome in-house without shelling out the extra cash. Figure out just how much you need, and don’t print more than that amount. There is no reason to print 2,500 business cards if 100 are all you will really use.

Focus on control.

Anything you create and produce yourself gives you a big advantage because you have control over your branding and imagery. This also means you can print just a few materials to make sure you love what you created, and if you don’t, you can make necessary changes until you get things to look exactly how you want them. This means that you don’t get stuck in situations where you have boxes and boxes of prints you aren?t satisfied with and don’t want to send to customers.

Remember the importance of aesthetics.

There’s a good chance you do not have a designer working for your small business, and if that’s the case, you need to recognize that it may be tough to plan a layout for your marketing materials. Inferior-looking materials don’t help your business they make it appear unprofessional and send off vibes to your customers that won?t help you land new customers. There are steps to take to create killer marketing materials, and always remember that trial and error can be your best friend. It make take you a few times and some tweaking to get your materials how you want them, but it’s worth the time and effort and money you will save in the long run.

Printed materials are an extremely valuable tool for getting your business name out there and generating new traffic. In order to experience success, you need to hand out impressive prints that show your current and potential clients that you mean business. You may not get the look you want on your very first attempt, but keep trying and you can create impressive materials in-house and save yourself a lot of cash.