Janice is 4o and has been running her consulting business for just under 10 years. She still loves her business, but admits that the years of networking meetings, sales calls and social media posts has really put a strain on her relationship with marketing.Love

She admits that it’s been at least a year since she’s actually developed and implemented a marketing strategy she can stick to ?”I try to get enthusiastic about reaching out to prospects and customers, but their sheer stubbornness and stupidity in not seeing the value that I bring to the table has — well — taken the sizzle out of my efforts.”

Her days are filled with mindless web surfing, playing Facebook games, doing laundry and reluctantly taking care of the few clients that have stayed with her, but she just doesn’t see the point in keeping up with any kind of marketing program — especially when it’s not yielding the millions of dollars the gurus kept promising her.

Are you in a marketing starved business?

Janice isn’t alone. Research shows that one in six small business owners stop marketing after just six weeks of starting a new program or strategy. “Unless there is a family emergency or personal life crisis, that precludes a business owner from doing marketing regularly, these small business owners are in a marketing-starved relationship.” says marketing therapist Val Uadded.

“Take a look in the mirror,” Uadded says. “Don’t blame or be negative. Don’t let anger win. Get help. It doesn’t mean your relationship with marketing is in crisis or doomed.”

How to take your marketing from fizzle to sizzle using these romance-enhancing strategies

  1. Go beyond the fizzle: ?There can be something satisfying about moaning and complaining about your lack of marketing success. When blaming the economy, your stupid clients or even the expert that got you to invest hundreds of dollars for a program you never opened or attended gets old, you are ready to confront what’s really going on — you are afraid.You are afraid that you aren’t enough, that no one wants what you have and that you will never be successful. So, you sabotage your marketing efforts from the inside out.Marketing success starts with your being clear and confident about who you are, who your ideal customers are and the true value that you bring to them. When YOU know these things, your customers and clients will know them too.
  2. Feed the sizzle: When you take a moment to truly stop and look at your marketing, you’ll see that it isn’t as bad as you think it is. Take the time to look for and notice what’s working. THAT’s where you want to focus. Remember, every marketing strategy isn’t for you. You have your own style, your own talents and your own skills. Consider that you may be unsuccessful because you’re trying to do the things that you don’t like doing or aren’t good at.
  3. Be daring:? Intellectually you know that the bigger the risk, the bigger the payoff. The key is to take strategic risks. That DOESN’T mean putting yourself at financial risk, what it means is deciding to live in your discomfort zone from time to time. You might notice that you’ve been shying away from things you?think you aren’t good at, or things that you may have failed at in the past. The real gold happens when you identify ONE area of your business where you feel uncomfortable, but can deliver big results. My example is video. I don’t like video, I hate seeing myself on film and yet I KNOW that video is a very powerful marketing tool if I could get over myself.
  4. Be selfish:? Know that you deserve a relationship with your clients and prospect that sizzles. If you don’t like the relationship you have — change it. You deserve to have a list and community that is interactive and responsive. Be selfish enough to do whatever it takes to have the spark and energy that you expect and want.
  5. Schedule time along: ?There’s a good chance that you are running yourself ragged taking care of clients, family and other responsibilities. When was the last time you spent time just thinking and strategizing about YOU and YOUR business? I’m willing to bet it’s been a while. I can tell you that I hadn’t spent more than an hour or two a week really thinking about it — and after investing 8 hours of thinking about my audience and my business, I was completely re-energized, I rebranded and created a slew of new things for them.