Regardless of the number of marketing outlets available to businesses today, email is still one of the most effective. In a Marketing Sherpa email marketing benchmark survey, 3, 000 respondents weighed in our how email marketing is improving their business. reported the results: ?The top reported business goals were increasing sales conversions and revenue (85 percent), driving website traffic (65 percent) and increasing lead generation (55 percent).

However, a DIY email marketing campaign could make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, there are a number of best practices you can use to improve your campaign for greater conversion and more engagement. Consider these 5 suggestions for your next email campaign.

Your First Impression

Just like your elevator pitch, you have to make a good impression and make it fast. Instead of trying to write a compelling headline, consider using more numbers; Customers respond to numbers more readily than they do text, as it implies a discount or sale of some sort. And don’t forget to use phrases that imply a sense of urgency to improve your CTR.

Above the Fold Branding

The term above the fold is used a lot, but that’s because it’s an integral aspect of your email marketing campaign. Getting customers the information they need to see before losing interest is critical to being successful. However, this can also be an important place for branding.

Be sure your logo is placed above the fold; if they see only one thing it’s still something integral to your business. If they only see your logo, you’re at least getting important brand impressions that could lead to a purchase later on.

Tracking Your Results

As with your current online marketing campaign, you need to track your results. Not only does this give you a black and white picture of whether your emails are getting opened, but you can improve based on the statistics you find here. Pay attention to a few important numbers:

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Subscriber retention rate
  • Click through rate

You can get all this information from your email analytics program. With so many numbers to look at, these are the ones that will be most beneficial.

Keeping the Conversation Going

Too many businesses focus on email marketing solely for that marketing products. However, it’s a great platform to simply communicate with your customers. Consider contacting them for a simple thank you, or to share exclusive product information. suggests finding out what your customers want through focus groups, social media conversations and the comment section of your blog.

Marketing Mobile

What is latest in marketing? Mobile. From building mobile websites to marketing within apps, your business should at least have a mobile-friendly website built out. Once that is done, however, you want to market it just as you would your standard website. Consider adding a linked image to your signature, so when mobile customers get your emails on their phone, they can go right to your mobile site with no problem.

DIY email marketing is most definitely doable with a few simple best practices in place. If you’re already marketing via email with little to no success, consider these five tactics and how you can incorporate them into your existing efforts. From the right analytics to a great headline, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.