Ahhh the tag line. That magical string of 5-7 words that is the superhero of all brands. So powerful, that it can position you in a mili-second, differentiate you in a sea of sameness and increase your brand value without your having to do a thing!Throwing up

A great tag line can be right there — an immediate intuitive revelation. Or, as it’s turning out to be in my case — as elusive as a unicorn.

In the spirit of not taking myself too seriously, I thought I’d share the 56 absolutely suckiest taglines that came up in a brainstorming session. WHY would I share all of this with you — because I want to show something.

You can’t force a tag line or a brand

Your tagline should be a natural expression of you, your brand and your business. It should explain who you are, what you stand for and what people can count on you for — all in a matter of seconds.

If it doesn’t light you up — if it doesn’t resonate — it isn’t going to work.

So – I’m going to show you all the ones that don’t work — right here — right now — here they are!

  1. Where you do marketing your way

  2. Everything you need to do marketing your way

  3. Your DIYMarketers Community

  4. Marketing Tools, Tips and Resources that make you money

  5. Tools to market your brand

  6. Tools to make your marketing magnetic

  7. Where you create your million dollar marketing

  8. Helping you do your marketing better

  9. Tools, Tips and Resources to Power Your Marketing

  10. DIYMarketing Powered by YOU

  11. Marketing Tools and Resources that Make You Money

  12. Marketing Tools, Tips and Resources Delivered Daily

  13. There are mountains of marketing ?- find YOURs here

  14. Welcome to your money making machine

  15. Your marketing resource —

  16. Get a grip on your marketing strategy

  17. Your marketing strategy starts here

  18. Your best marketing all in one place

  19. Get your marketing shit here

  20. Exclusive access to marketing tools, tips and resources

  21. Not a ton of shit – just the stuff you need to know NOW

  22. Let’s make some kick ass marketing together

  23. More ways to market your business

  24. Marketing strategies that get you chosen — HERE

  25. Your marketing machine headquarters

  26. Killer marketing strategies seeking business owner

  27. Real world marketing tools for crazy busy biz owners

  28. Everything you need to get and keep customers

  29. Tools, tips, strategies, tactics and ideas that will get you chosen

  30. Your marketing party starts here

  31. Your Marketing Headquarters

  32. Exclusive Marketing Headquarters: Tools, Tips and Insider Tricks

  33. Your Marketing Headquarters: Learn | Connect | Succeed

  34. Make a Mark With Your Marketing

  35. Make Your Mark With Your Marketing

  36. Your Village For Building a Business

  37. Your Business Building Village

  38. DIY Marketing Headquarters

  39. DIYMarketing Your Way

  40. Your business. Your marketing.

  41. Release your inner marketer

  42. Uniquely you.

  43. Your Business. Your Marketing.

  44. Modern Marketing Made Easy

  45. Unlock Your Marketing Genius

  46. Marketing by you.

  47. Fire your consultant.

  48. What You Need to Succeed

  49. Shortcuts to Small Business Success

  50. Be Brilliant.

  51. Simply Better Marketing

  52. Better Marketing By You

  53. Speed Your Success

  54. No-Nonsense Business Brilliance

  55. Obsessed with Success

  56. Stop thinking. Start doing.


Share your shame

I did this for several reasons and one of them is to show you that it’s perfectly ok to share your shame. Your brand needs to grow up — and growing up is clumsy inelegant business. It takes time to stand in your skin, to wobble when you walk and to ultimately grow into who and what your business is meant to be.

Along the way you will get laughed at — so what. You’ll find that there are a myriad of people out there who share your experience and even your shame. You are not alone — even though it seems that way.

Expand the conversation

And now the second reason for putting it all out there; you increase the reach of the conversation. When you expand the conversation, you invite people to share themselves and their experience of you. And you will learn from that sharing. Then you take that input and integrate it back into your brand.

What’s it to you?

As I was brainstorming these sucky tag lines, something HUGE dawned on me — I was creating tag lines based on what?I thought DIYMarketers was to YOU. There’s a place for that, I mean, I get to define what’s included here and how the information is shared. AND I have my intentions of helping you overcome marketing overwhelm. But I don’t know what it is to YOU.

So I’m asking — what’s it mean to be a DIYMarketer? Who are you, what is it that you believe about marketing and how can DIYMarketers serve YOU and your business?