Now you can find DIYMarketers on Alltop!

If you’ve not heard of Alltop yet, I’d encourage you to take a look. Alltop is a virtual magazine rack that will keep you “on top of” the latest trends in whatever areas you’re interested in.

Of course, you can us an RSS feed for this such as Google Reader or iGoogle, but those are feeds that you choose. And if you’re as busy as I know that you are — you are missing out on a wealth of quality information out there in your industry and your market because YOU can’t read everything.

  1. Alltop filters for quality.? Alltop is VERY inclusive but that doesn’t mean that any old online publication will get included. Blogs included in Alltop are screened for frequency of postings and overall quality of information.
  2. Spot trends in your markets.? Alltop is a great tool for helping you spot trends. Because you will see over 100 headlines in any category – you’ll be able to see the hottest issues in your industry.
  3. Inspiration.? Another benefit of checking into Alltop is to get inspired by the different headlines and topics. If you’re struck with writers’ block and aren’t sure what to write about – this is a great place to start.
  4. Tweetable articles all the time.? Build your credibility and offer valuable content to your followers by tweeting the articles that are in your industry.
  5. Backlinks to your content.? Alltop gets over one million visitors daily. So, no matter your niche, you’re going to get some good visibility for your articles.
  6. Stand out in your niche.? Granted, Alltop is overly crowded in the marketing and social media space, but if you take a creative look at your industry and write content that is appealing to a targeted audience, you will stand out.
Take a moment today and check out Alltop. Login and start by creating your very own Alltop page where you can add content that interest you. And by all means check out the Submission requirements and SUBMIT YOUR BLOG.