As a small business owner, it can be tough to figure out the best way to market your product or service. This is especially true if you have a limited budget and limited staff. You have to strategize the best way to approach your business marketing that will equal the most bang for your buck and consistently deliver great marketing ideas.

There’s no need to fumble around online trying to figure out the best way to promote your website or blog. Should you have a website or a blog at all? Do you need both? These questions can be answered by experts who give marketing advice to thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Each of these sites and the experts behind them have not only proven themselves with the test of time, but each of these sites also has thriving, engaged and KIND communities. They haven’t let their brand growth get in the way of their commitment to YOUR growth. The publishers and experts there will reply to you, talk to you and help you as much as they can.


This site provides a members only environment where marketing professionals can get the most current information and best practices for their business. There’s an information exchange forum where members can share marketing ideas and answer each other’s questions as well as conferences and events. Each week there are online marketing seminars to attend on various topics like market research, metrics and ROI, brand management and customer behavior. If you’ve got a marketing background – you will LOVE this site. If you do NOT have a marketing background, you might feel a little lost at first, but give it some time each of the experts on this site is really down to earth and explains difficult concepts in an easy way.

Their twitter information is @MarketingProfs which is run by Ann Handley.

2.Duct Tape Marketing

This site was named one of the top 100 Must Follow on Twitter by the Huffington Post. It was also listed in Forbes as one of the 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs. John Jantsch created the Duct Tape Marketing System for small businesses. There are courses like the one for creating a total online presence to elevate your business, but it’s recommended that professionals start with the complete Duct Tape Marketing System. There are free ebooks for marketing strategy, and how to create a referral engine. The site is packed with marketing ideas and information. One of my favorite features is the “Friday Faves” where you’ll learn about a variety of free or low cost tools and apps.

Follow John at @Ducttape for new information.


As a resource for bloggers and small business owners, Copyblogger overflows with information. There is a marketing course along with free ebooks for professionals who want to elevate their content marketing as well as their SEO marketing. There’s a section on copywriting websites, and how to make money blogging. The members only area brings content directly to professionals and there are a variety of courses available. The founder began the site in 1998, and today it’s grown into a company with a dozen employees bringing priceless articles and valuable information and strategies about content marketing. The site isn’t focused on one area of marketing, but the whole package like SEO, social media, blogging and marketing.

You can follow Copyblogger on Twitter at @Copyblogger.


Darren Rowse started his blogging career after reading about blogs in 2002. He has one of the most popular websites related to blogging and marketing. His very popular book 31 Days to Building a Better Blog has helped over 19,000 bloggers make money blogging. It’s designed to be used on a daily basis but other customers have used it in a variety of ways to suit their own needs. The site has information about writing compelling content, successful blog design and advertising. There’s a ProBlogger community that exchanges information with a forum moderator present. ProBlogger has tips for the first week of blogging, online marketing for bloggers and profitable blogging.

Follow Darren on Twitter at @ProBlogger.

5.Small Business Trends

This is a website who’s mission statement is to provide knowledge and insights that will drive the success of small businesses. It brings current trends, breaking news and current advice that will help small businesses make important decisions. It has trending articles like Startup Myths and Things You Didn’t Know. There are various categories for those researching specific topics like social media how-tos and retail trends in business. There are contests and a small business events calendar with online seminars and offline classes. There’s advice for startup businesses, franchises, green businesses and research. Anita Campbell is the CEO of Small Business Trends, and has been named by Forbes as a Top Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs.

You can follow Anita and Small Business Trends on Twitter @SmallBizTrends.


Formerly SEOMoz, this website provides tools as well as services for marketers who are focused on the online world. The tools help with website ranking through SEO marketing, social media interaction, branding platforms and traffic. Webinars are available for a variety of topics. The calendar is in the members only area where professionals can visit the forum too. There are experts and community members who will provide feedback. The blog has a lot of information about the constant changes to Google and link building correctly. There are articles on how to use Facebook for content promotion, which is still the highest ranking social media platform.

Follow Moz on Twitter at @Moz

If you’re just starting out with online marketing and looking for affordable and fun marketing ideas, these six sites are where you will find them. And here’s another bonus, become a “regular” visitor and you’ll make powerful connections with other o


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