spring clean

Spring is a time for new life and renewal…a time for cleaning out the cobwebs and making a fresh start, and not just for your home. It’s a great time to dive into the nitty gritty of your website, evaluate your current marketing strategy, and make adjustments to foster new business growth. When tackled methodically, these seemingly daunting tasks are quite simple.

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Remove Bad Links

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Bad links affect your websites usability, which in turn can undermine your search engine optimization efforts. Use the W3C broken link checker to find broken links on your website and fix them. Check all outbound links to ensure they’re still offering value to your customers and remove any that are outdated or not up to par.

Update Content and Images

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Evaluate all your content to ensure it’s still timely and helpful to customers. Update any old information such as: contact, news, calendar of events, etc. Check to make sure all images are loading, and replace any broken images with either the correct image or a new one.

While refreshing content, pay close attention to any calls to action (CTAs) to make sure they are clear.

It’s also a good time to take a look at your editorial calendar to make sure you have plenty of opportunities for fresh content. Look for any current content that can be repurposed and used again in other ways, such as converting an article to an infographic or working several articles into an eBook.

Use your analytics platform to see which pieces of content are performing well and which are not. Update your content with new and relevant information. Consider ways to repurpose under-performing content to breathe new life into it. Your readers may respond better to information presented in a different way.


Add a New Social Media Platform to Your Strategy

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Get a fresh start with a new social media platform into your strategy. Consider Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest to give you another path for customer engagement and traffic. Dig into your customer analytics to find out where your target audience is spending time online (other than Facebook and Twitter) and establish a presence there.

Adding a new social network doesn’t mean adding crushing weight to your workload. What you are already sharing on social media might translate well to the new platform. You can share the same information, repurposed and adjusted to better fit the platform’s model.

General Electric (GE?) for example, uses the same images when they post on Facebook and Twitter, but they change the style of content to fit what’s appropriate for each platform…short and to the point for Twitter, longer and more detailed for Facebook. Photos shared there are also shared on Pinterest and Instagram. The key is keeping content varied and interesting.

GE is also doing a fantastic job with audience engagement. Their Instagram contests involve fans and keep people talking, and Vine plays a critical role in telling their brand story to customers.

Create an eBook

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What are your customers? pain points? An eBook is a great way to address customer concerns and draw potential customers to your landing page. Include a CTA on your landing page to encourage people to download the eBook while capturing their contact info. To streamline the lead nurturing process, try Insightly?s Web to Contact feature. It allows you to transfer customer data input from the landing page directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

An eBook can help:

  • Establish your credibility as an expert in your niche
  • Grow your email marketing list and your lead nurturing pipeline
  • Ensure more prospects and customers remember your brand

Test All the Working Parts

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Be sure to test the forms on your website to make sure they’re working. Subscribe to your websites RSS feed and make sure automatic emails are being delivered as scheduled, and that the contact information included is current.

Make sure social share buttons and comments are working. If comment spam is an issue, consider closing comments on older posts.

Refresh Your Design

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Industry trends change constantly and for continued success, your website design needs to change with the times. Design tailored to your target audience makes your content more accessible.

If you’re not already using a responsive design (that is, a design that automatically adjusts to the resolution of the viewer’s screen), you’re potentially losing a good portion of your audience. Mobile devices now account for 60% of time spent with digital media.

You don’t need to completely overhaul the design if it has been kept fairly current, just look for small tweaks to improve user experience.

It’s easy to get caught up in other aspects of your business, but neglecting your website could hurt your Google rank and impact your sales. Spring is a great time to focus on providing quality and value to your customers…and remember, your website is never a ?set it and forget it? tool in your business, even when you’re raking in profit.

About the Author

Lucinda Watrous is a freelance writer and web designer nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. She’s a tech geek, foodie, and research junkie. She writes about a little bit of everything and is a valuable contributor for ChamberofCommerce.com