Your small business does not have to concentrate on a seasonal product or service for you to make the most of holiday promotions, or trends that come around just one time each year. Take a look at these strategies that can help small business owners maximize their seasonal marketing campaigns.

Start Early

It’s smart to beat the hustle and bustle, so start your seasonal campaign just before everyone else. Consider sending out promotions prior to summer for products people will need in the hottest months. You can send out paper fliers or use social media to build your business and brand. Avoid competing against the noise by getting a leg on up the competition.

Take advantage of seasonal images



Leverage design and logo to promote seasonal changes and events and use them to enhance your web design. Think of Google; it modifies its logo to celebrate holidays and the lives of well-known individuals and your business can do that too. Consider adding some snowflakes or fall foliage to your business logo. Think outside of the box and implement change consistently and it’s likely your customers will respond well.

Customize your services

Try to look at each season and figure out what services will help your customers the most. Find ways to promote your business at a local level and consider offering side services that you don’t always provide to match your customers needs. If you own a lawn care business, it’s smart to offer raking services during autumn to take advantage of the season.

Scope out your competition


See what your competitors have done in years past so you know the tactics that work and the ones that are less successful. Take this information and use it as a benchmark for your business marketing campaigns. Adapt the strategies that have gone over well such as mobile marketing, and differentiate yourself so you stand apart from your competitors throughout the seasons. Keep in mind that according to a survey, a record 46.1 percent of holiday shopping would be conducted online in 2015. So make sure your small business has a web presence to get people through that door.


Revisit last year’s trends.

Nearly every year, there is something exciting and new happening related to seasonal promotions. Whether it’s a social media trend or a wave of mobile coupons, it’s smart to revisit past trends and implement the ones that have proven successful.


Create reusable materials.

If your small business can capitalize on seasonal and holiday trends, it’s smart to spend some time creating materials you can use in upcoming years. This could be mini-apps, email lists, or pages on your website you can recycle. The idea behind this is to spend your time on something that is more than just a one-off, but an investment.


Take a few moments to connect.

A seasonal event is always a good time to reconnect with your prospects and customers. Send a quick note or coupon to stay top of mind, remembering that marketing is about recurring impressions, so you don’t want to fall off your customer’s radar.


Make it a point to adjust your marketing based on upcoming seasons and holidays to allow you to capitalize on different trends. Campaigns based around the calendar give small business owners the perfect opportunity to exercise originality and cement your position as a knowledgeable and accommodating business.


How has your small business strategized marketing campaigns for seasonal effectiveness?