Picture this. It’s been a hectic week and you’re in your office talking to a prospect building a relationship and trying to sell him or her your products or services. Let’s say he or she is on the fence about doing business with you. Furthermore, in today’s market economy you have a lot of competitors, and the only choice for you is to be so distinct that you stand out from the crowd. That’s exactly the challenge many business owners, real estate investors, and other entrepreneurs face. Differentiate or die.

As your prospect finds reasons not to do business with you, in the corner of your eye, you notice him or her glance over your shoulder and stare in amazement at the stunning picture on the wall of you and Apple’s cofounder, The Woz!? As she looks down on your desk, she notices a book that you have written. You just smile with a twinkle in your eye because you know exactly what your potential client is thinking.

Put your game face on, my dear friend! You have just built instant credibility without even saying a word. But there’s more! Little did you know that even before coming to your office, your prospect already Googled you, read other clients? reviews and testimonials about you and your business, and was impressed to run across press releases about you and your company that were picked up by Yahoo, Google, and USA Today.

In business we are constantly being judged and evaluated. Having pictures with industry leaders and other celebrities, writing a book, and gaining visibility through the media such as magazines, blogs, and newspapers are just some of the keys to creating your business brand, telling your fascinating story, and building trust and credibility with prospects and clients. Not only do they position you as the expert or authority in your industry but they also enhance your reputation and increase your visibility. Often times, the brand is you so it is critical to create and protect it. Everyday do something that would strategically position you for success. If properly executed, you will find that you are able to attract more of your ideal clients and even increase your fees.


Here are 7 ways to capture people’s attention, stand out, and be distinct from your competition:


  1. Boldly brand yourself and your business by association. For instance, you can attend wealth networking events like Mega Partnering and connect with highly successful individuals and even take pictures with amazing speakers and celebrities like Eric Trump, JT Foxx, Steve Wozniak, Bret Michaels, Stedman Graham, Rudy Giuliani, etc. As they say, your network equals your net worth. Having rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s industry leaders builds confidence and inspires respect. Imagine feeling a powerful burst of boldness. All of a sudden you naturally walk with a swagger and confidently speak with sizzle.
  2. Think big, go big, and share BIG. Once you gather as many pictures as possible with respected leaders and celebrities, post them on your company and personal websites as well as your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. To add an element of WOW to your business logo or photos with high-profile people, WOW Memories can transform any image into stunning wall art. When family, friends, or clients visit your home or office, you do not have to say a word. You can let these art pieces tell your story in a BIG way, enhance your business and personal brand, wow prospects, and help strategically position yourself for success.
  3. ?Write a press release and submit them to free (PRlog.com) and paid (PRWeb.com) press release distribution sites. Make sure you have a good, inspirational story to tell. What is your WHY? What kind of impact are you making in the community? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? For instance, WOW Memories donates 10% of our profits to a nonprofit organization called Storytellers for Good because we have a similar mission to inspire people through storytelling via wall art and videos respectively. When we sponsored one of their charity events, a press release was submitted:. Online press releases are great for your business because they rank well in search engines, provide useful links to your company website, establish your online presence, help create your identity, expose you to more prospects and clients, and of course, increase sales, credibility, and visibility.
  4. Write a book and you will brand yourself to be the authority on that subject. Being an author of a book will give you unbelievable credibility which will lead to increased trust and respect from prospects, friends, family, and clients. A great resource to write and publish a book quickly and effortlessly is.
  5. ?Landing a radio show interview is a fantastic way to get free publicity because most radio listeners know, respect, and trust their radio hosts. On top of that if you can get a radio personality to believe in your brand, your product, or your business and then transfer that trust and excitement onto their listening audience, then you have in your hands a priceless testimonial and instant word of mouth recommendations sent to thousands or millions of listeners. For instance, when my business partner Jasmine Fernandez and I were interviewed on the JT Foxx Show, radio host and business mogul JT Foxx enthusiastically exclaimed that WOW Memories wall art is ?the ultimate gift?great branding and a great way to make a first impression!? As a result, the interview boosted traffic to our website, increased our visibility, and drove sales.
  6. Appearing on TV and getting a celebrity or TV host to endorse your product is a powerful way to have a massive audience turn their eyes onto your business, gain new clients, and increase your sales. Even after the TV appearance, you can continue to leverage the segment as a promotional and creative tool that you can reuse on your website and post in other places like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. As a result of appearing on the You & Me This Morning Segment of WCIU-TV in Chicago, WOW Memories website traffic increased after broadcast and many joint venture opportunities were offered to our company especially after TV host Melissa Forman excitedly said that our wall art can ?put an extra WOW!? into your memories!?
  7. You are the brand. Be the unique, authentic individual that you are. Have passion and laser focus. Most successful businesses achieve tremendous results by serving a well-defined niche with products and services that deliver distinctive benefits to clients in that particular market. In addition, be enthusiastic and have integrity. People do business with those they trust and like. Always pay attention to details and totally immerse yourself in adding value as well as creating WOW experiences for your clients in every way possible. Remember that quality relationships strengthen your brand. Surround yourself with positive, successful people, create a Mastermind group to share ideas and innovate, and get a coach or a mentor to minimize risks and elevate your vision and goals to even greater heights.



You don’t have to do all these things at once. However, success is a conscious choice so you’ve got to take action now. Give your best and challenge yourself to do as much as you can every day. Good preparation and planning will take you a long way. The cumulative effects of your daily choices will pleasantly surprise you, and you will thank yourself for the extra effort in later days, weeks, months, or years. Before you know it, everything will be set in place and you will have a repertoire of business ideas, tools, and techniques working together congruently to increase your confidence and enhance your brand. Bottom line: Do your clients believe, trust, and like you? In the end, how your clients see you in their mind is the most important aspect of branding and marketing. Sometimes, you only get one shot at making a great first impression so make every second count!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hannah Fernandez is the cofounder of WOW Memories, a Chicago-based company that transforms images into stunning WOW wall art by using proprietary software created by a former NASA engineer. WOW Memories can help clients add an element of WOW? to any image, share their stories in timeless art, and boldly brand themselves and their businesses.