Writing marketing emails sounds like a tough prospect for any marketer, but when you approach them in the right way, you can increase those email open rates and really start to connect with your customers. Here are the tools you can use to improve your emails and get those customers buying.

1. Daily Page

With Daily Page, you’ll be able to set goals that can help you create daily writing habits. By creating these habits, you’ll be able to improve your overall general writing skills which will dramatically affect the quality of your marketing emails.

The app generates daily prompts, either by desktop notification or by email. You can also track your progress on how many prompts you respond to and complete, so you can see how you’ve improved over time. This app has also been featured by leading media publications such as Mashable, Inc. and HubSpot.

This platform is ideal for those who aren’t confident with their writing skills and want to improve but is a great way to get into practice and to build up a habit of improving your writing skills. Prices start from $3.99 per month.


  • Ideal for bloggers, copywriters and all level of writer
  • A tool created with the help of professional writers
  • Distraction-free writing space
  • Scoring, reports and progress system


  • Not particularly beneficial to experienced writers
  • Learning curve when learning how to use new features
  • No free trial

2. Best Australian Writers

As you know, the subject line is one of the most important parts of any marketing email, so you’ll want to make sure that you get it right. Otherwise, people won’t click your email and you’ll end up in the trash bin.

Best Australian Writers is a comprehensive review site that enables you to find the very best writing services and professional writers who can help you with this task, almost like an online writing community.

The site is full of comprehensive reviews, so you can find the best service to suit your requirements, whether you’re writing subject lines or any type of email or marketing content. The site is free to access and use.


  • An extremely large collection of custom writing services reviewed from across the world
  • Regularly updated with new posts every week
  • Professional writer and user reviews


  • Relatively outdated layout
  • Can get confusing trying to navigate

3. Via Writing

The best emails strike the right tone with the reader. They speak to them personally, and appeal to their wants and needs to keep them engaged.

Via Writing gives you access to tips and resources you can use to improve and enhance your writing style, allowing you to write more personally and connect with your readers on an emotional level as well as improving your accuracy and professionally. The blog is free to access to and use.


  • Great resource to bookmark for when you need it
  • Extensive list of content on grammar and common writing mistakes
  • Resources on using proper punctuation


  • Not regularly updated
  • Still a growing resource

4. Top Canadian Writers

Sometimes, you just need someone to take over the writing work for you. This is where a service like Top Canadian Writers comes in. The Huffington Post recommends sites like these for finding freelance writers, as they’ve already put in all the hard work for you.

This is ideal if you’re running short on time and need to meet deadlines with your content or want to improve your skills before writing your own email content. The service is free to use but you’ll need to pay per page of content, depending on the freelancer’s rate.


  • An extensive collection of freelancer and professional writing sites reviewed
  • Regularly updated content


  • Main focus on Canadian writing services
  • Dated interface

5. State Of Writing

If a marketing email doesn’t look professional, then it’s likely that the recipient won’t pay attention to it. A good marker of professionalism is good grammar and spelling.

If you think your grammar could use some work, then this is the place to go. The easy-to-digest writing guides available here can help you with any grammar issue you’re having, making your emails better.


  • Regularly updated content with new resources
  • An extremely complete resource and tools list
  • Expert descriptions


  • Poor interface

6. Cite It In & Grammarix

If you’re using sources in your emails to back up what you have to say, it’s important that you back up your statements with proper citations. If you don’t, you’re actually leaving yourself open to accusations of plagiarism. You don’t want that, so make your life easier by using this tool to get the right citations every time.

With this writing tool you can properly format your quotes, references and citations, even down to choosing from your style of format. The tool is free to use as you require.


  • A free online tool
  • Multiple supported formats


  • Nothing notable

7. Best British Essays

A good marketing email can speak to your customers as it hits their emotional weak spots. The best way to determine what they are is to work with professional writers, such as those at Best British Essays.

They will know how to speak to customers and appeal to their emotions, making them more likely to engage with you. When you find the service you’re looking for, you’ll be able to pay based on what service you want. You can have existing content editing or proofread. You can even order email content written by a professional form scratch; just refer to their pricing page.


  • A full, comprehensive range of services on offer
  • Home to a range of professional writers
  • Timely and affordable service


  • Dated layout

8. Easy Word Count & Academadvisor

Like you, your readers will be stretched for time most days. When they get an extra email in their inbox, they don’t want to have to read through reams of text, just to find out what you want. That means that you need to keep those emails short and sweet.

This tool will help you keep it to the point. It’ll also pick up any spelling errors too, helping you polish up your text.


  • A free online tool
  • Multiple word count features
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Nothing notable


These tools, whether used separately or combined, will be able to help you put together emails that are perfect for you and your customers. With masterfully crafted emails, you can be sure to grab their attention and get them buying from you or to encourage them to use your services. You’ll soon see a difference in your emails in terms of website traffic and revenue.