If you’re running an online business – then you must read this! ?James Martell is an internet marketer and professional copywriter and in this article, he shares some of his best advice around graphics.

Did you plan everything out before you started your site, are you revamping your site to improve it but don’t know where to start? You might want to look into finding a theme to fit the purpose. Themes are available through a variety of content management system and blogging platforms to fit your needs.

Choosing a theme should coincide with your sites purpose. If you’re a doctor you want a site that people will immediately notice belongs to a doctor. If you’re an affiliate marketer you want a site that fits the products or services you provide.

Colors, site navigation, templates, fonts, all these things relate to your theme but what would make it more polished and professional is the addition of custom graphics. Hiring a professional graphics designer can really make your site stand out. You don’t want a site people deem dull and boring before reading through the contents to see exactly what you’re offering. While improving the look, custom graphics can also play a major role in your sites conversion rates.

Does My Site Really Need a Graphics designer?

Look over your competitions site then go back to yours, the answer should be clear. You’re missing a few things like a header graphic, a control panel, your images could use the services of a photo retoucher and you need various other services. Can you really afford for your site to go without those things and risk losing potential customers?

Are You Lacking the Skills to Provide Your Own Graphics Designing?

It’s really okay if you don’t know anything about performing graphic designing services because that’s not the field of work that you’re in. Rather than take months or years to teach yourself or attend classes it’s a better idea to let the professionals in that field handle your project. While they’re working on your site you could be using that time to brainstorm new marketing strategies or take a rest from work for a while. I’ve found that even when I’m on vacation work still enters my mind.

Will It Be Very Expensive?

That’s probably the biggest reason some choose not to make their sites everything they can be and the reason many fail. Hiring a professional graphics designer wouldn?t be expensive but it takes for people to find that out for themselves before they actually believe it.

Where Can I Hire Professional Graphics Designers?

You can easily do a search online for freelancing websites or use one called ?Elance? that has a very good track record. Through the use of Elance you can place a job posting that clearly details your needs to find a provider within your budget.

What Happens If I Can’t Get a Graphics Designer for What I’m Willing to Pay?

If after you’ve posted your job you get bids from providers hire than what you’re willing to pay try negotiating and if that doesn’t work you can cancel the job. The job can be relisted at a later time and you’re sure to find a taker.

8 Graphic Designer Services to Look Into

1. Header Graphic-Lights, Camera, Action

The header graphic showcases your website. All websites have a header graphic which is how people are able to tell if it’s the right resource for them. My wife Arlene?s website for parents of kids with epilepsy told the story our sons struggle with epilepsy so visitors to the site with similar situations were able to relate.

2. Thumbnails-a picture is worth a thousand words

If you frequent any of the social networks like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook having a thumbnail can be beneficial for free advertisement.

3. Banners Ads-can you see me now?

A banner is like having your own billboard that website visitors are going to either visit or drive by. Either way they’ll see you. Arlene used her banner for the newsletter she offers on her site, its short, detailed, and it captures attention.

4. Signature-these days you have to sign for everything

You have to sign for your checks, sign for your driver?s license, sign for your doters appointment, some people even have to sign for dry cleaning. In the online world you’ll sometimes have to sign for certain things so it’s best to have one readily available.

5. Control Panel-you can’t drive without seeing where you’re going

Could you operate a vehicle without being able to see? It’s a similar situation when your websites visitors cannot find what they’re searching for on your site. They’ve probably been browsing a while for what they thought they’d found and will leave your site quickly to go to the next.

6. Promotional graphics-I can be here, there and everywhere

Promotional graphics can be anywhere at any time and in anything. You could also obtain an affiliate marketing podcast for placement on your site to be able to communicate with everyone to interview and teach.

7. Cover Art-the first thing you see

Cover art makes the first impression on whether a book is going to be worth reading or staying on the shelf and getting dusty. If you have an eBook that doesn’t have an attractive cover it’s going to get passed over.

8. Newsletter-giving them a little more

Adding a newsletter to your site is beneficial for your visitors because they can find out other information of interest. How do you choose to showcase your newsletter for people to download? Arlene included photos in the right hand corner herself included. You should try to add your photo to all marketing material whenever possible because in doing so you’re giving these things a personal touch.