When I run into a trend-setting application that gives small business owners, CEO’s and marketing managers a leg up, I can’t wait to share it!

First let me tell you about a trend and a new fact of life for small business so that you can have some context because that’s how you’ll understand how truly wonderful this new application is.

Businesses and Brands MUST Make Themselves Fit Into Customers’ Lives

Let me explain. There is research out there that shows that consumers all over the world don’t really spend more than 28% of their time shopping and purchasing. Not only that, but roughly half of them are barely engaged in what they are purchasing. The other amazing fact is that this slice of time HAS NOT CHANGED over the last few years.

This means that there are exponentially more products and services competing for our time while WE spend our time flitting around the internet, playing Farmville, or Twittering or Facebooking, etc. The challenge for all businesses is to find ways to connect with customers — especially?Millennials in a way that engages them WITHOUT being perceived that they are taking up more time.

Thumbspeak Creates a Time Sliced Survey Tool

Time Slicing is the name we give to strategies that don’t interfere with how we choose to spend our time. A product or service that uses a Time Slicing Strategy can easily integrate itself into the customers’ world and provide value BOTH for the customer and for the company.

This is what Thumbspeak does for market research. Rather than go on and explain the details, I’ve recruited Steve Webster, the sales and marketing guru from Thumspeak to tell you all about it. The following is an article he’s submitted to explain the many benefits of online surveys given via mobile devices:

The Power of kNOWledge

You have just launched a new product. What do shoppers think? What is the competition doing about it? Why are you not reaching your sales goals? As business leaders, you need information right now not when the sales reports come in, not when the traditional research is completed. Rapidly changing business conditions and shopper opinions require you to know right now.

Information about your company is growing exponentially with the explosion of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Twitter and more. Shoppers are vocal when it comes to providing information about their experiences with your products and services that either positively or negatively will impact your business. Shopper opinions can change with their last transaction or their last interaction with your sales person. You need to fight for every dollar of revenue in today’s tough economy. Will that shopper come back?

How do you know what the shopper is thinking right now? The reality is that you do not know. You use many different approaches to learn about their experience, such as asking them to fill out a survey form in the store, having your sales person ask a question at the register or asking the shopper to go on-line to take a survey. Does this really work?

What if there was a way to gain feedback in real time from your shoppers? What if you could learn about a shoppers issue or concern and address them immediately? What if you could provide them with an immediate resolution to their concern and an incentive to come back? Now that will drive true shopper loyalty and keep them with your brand. And then they will go and tell their friends about what the great experience they just had. Now that is business building.

Now you can do just that. The ability to communicate with your shoppers in near real time is now available through a powerful new application from Thumbspeak. Thumbspeak is the first mobile opinion network to connect you with your shoppers and learn immediately about their thoughts, opinions and ideas to boost retention and grow your revenue and profits. Thumbspeak empowers marketers to gain rapid insights by asking relevant questions of your shoppers in real time. It is very easy to use and shoppers are providing their thoughts right now.

Take a look at Thumbspeak. It will revolutionize your ability to gain actionable feedback right now and provide you with an on-going communication platform to stay ahead of rapidly changing market conditions and shopper opinions.

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