As if you didn’t have enough social media channels to manage, our guest author today, Jey Raul, introduces us to Viadeo, which is gaining traction in Europe. It’s a social bookmarking site you’ll want to explore and see in how it compares to all the others.

Viadeo is a social network created by Thierry Lunati and Dan Serfaty. It was originally launched in France but now has a steady following in Europe and other countries. Basically it is designed for people who wish to increase their business enterprises, develop and manage their network of professional contacts and take their career opportunities forward. There are many reasons behind why Viadeo has been named as the best social bookmarking site:

1) Creating a network- Viadeo helps to develop and manage business contacts on a long term to establish trust and a good working relationship between customers, co-workers, superiors and so on. The network formation is based primarily on recommendation from members.

2) Developing business- The company ranks the 3rd, when it comes to professional social networks. Most members also use it to find job opportunities, suppliers, partners and customers. People who are employed in the sales department are very active on these networks.

3) Managing a career- Their careers are the major motivational factor in members setting their accounts on Viadeo. Receiving job offers, observing the markets or finding a job are some of the activities that happen on the site. At times, some recruiters also use the website as a hunting ground to find employees.

There are number of features that the site offers that makes it one of the best social bookmarking sites:

  • Communities- This is a private space that is made to be available to partners of the same company. There are around 5000 communities. The community can either be professional or voluntary, cultural, student or somebody who is starting his own business.
  • Groups/Hubs- These are open forums that provide the members a platform to comment and discuss on professional topics. There are around 100,000 hubs present on Viadeo.
  • Expert-Similar to Yahoo! Answers, the features allow the users to post professional related to most network members. The professionals are the ones who have carved their own niche in their respective field.

The above listed reasons and some others such as personal branding that allow you to upload your professional achievements such as your curriculum vitae and career development. The site is so thorough and career-oriented that irrespective of whether you are an employee or a seller, you will find takers. This is also a great platform for you to upload the details of your business and present it in an interactive way, so that consumers are hooked on to it.

The twist to this social networking site is, it competes directly with professional biggies such as Silicon Valley?s LinkedIn and Germany?s Xing. The biggest difference between Viadeo and LinkedIn is, it offers profiles in multiple languages.

  • Viadeo is a lot more streamlined and organized as compared to LinkedIn. A devoted LinkedIn user, but at times, the site does tend to be a little unorganized.
  • LinkedIn went a step ahead to mark its territory by being the first major social network to put forth an IPO which caused their profits to shoot up to $9 billion last week. However, Viadeo did not take the same step as it wanted to concentrate on their loyal shareholders and profits.
  • Now, the multi-language strategy is a great plus point, according to the company big shots. On the other hand, LinkedIn has the tendency to cover 200 countries and has members from all Fortune 500 companies. Here, Viadeo says that at least one in six members is either an entrepreneur or a businessman.

The one reason why Viadeo has not yet filed for IPO is because; it hasn?t gained enough ground or presence in the US to file for one. The one similarity between Viadeo and LinkedIn is, both are equally ?highly profitable? and works on free membership.

About the Author: Jey specializes in writing about search engine marketing and social media; he enjoys playing World of Warcraft or reading books when he’s not finding new ways to do online marketing. Jey’s company QualitySubmissions specializes in French Directory Submission and Deep Link Submission Service.