The biggest frustration with marketing is — uncertainty. It’s one of the few investments or purchases that we make where we don’t always see the immediate benefit or loss. In a lot of ways, marketing is like one of those crane machines that you find in arcades.

You Give it Money — It Gives You NOTHING

My son has an obsession with the “crane” machine. If we go to the movies, if we go to get pizza, if we go to a supermarket that has a crane machine – he’s drawn to it. If he had an unlimited access to money, he would give it all to the crane!? And for WHAT? The hope of getting one of those stuffed animal toys? You’re better off taking your money and purchasing one directly.

If grabbing customers could be so easy!? If you’re investing in advertising or trade shows or direct mail to grab your customers, you might be feeling like you’re playing the “Crane” yourself. You put money into the marketing machine and you have hope and often you get nothing.

There’s a trick to the Crane — and there’s a trick to a Marketing Machine that delivers customers Effortlessly

  1. Know Your Strengths
  2. Identify Your Ideal Customer
  3. Focus on what’s important to your ideal customer when they are buying what you are selling.

There’s a Download for THAT

The DIYMarketers Signature Strength (TM) process will help you design your very own marketing machine from the inside out. Now you can use the very same process that I use with my clients (and they pay thousands for) to create a unique position for yourself and your company and a irresistible offerings for your customers.