When I first started speaking people would ask, Did you have any back of the room sales? My answer was always no but I do have Back? Of the Car SALES.

There was no better feeling in the world than to load up books in my car and have people stop me in the store or in traffic and ask me to pull over so they could buy a copy of my book.

Through my SALES experiences I share 5 things every author can do whether their books are in the back of the room or in the back of the car.

The S is for Start. No matter who you are or where you are there comes a time when you have to just go. If you spend all of your time planning at the end of the day all you will have is a plan. Wake up your life so you can wake up your dream. You can have a bestseller only if you write it.

The A is for Ask. Matthew 7:7 says ask and you shall receive. If you ask enough people there will be enough opportunities to win. If you never hear yes maybe you need to change or make adjustments to what you are selling or change the people you are selling to.

The L is for Leverage. Have you tried to sell more than one copy of your book together? If you sell one copy for $9.97 try selling two copies for $15.97 or promote if they buy two they get a third book for free. The more people you get to read your book will help determine how many will buy the next one you write. Another way to leverage is to partner and sell books with other authors.

The E is for Evaluation. Be honest with yourself and find ways to get better. See who is buying and why? Ask others for constructive criticism. Remember this is just their opinion but it gives you information that you can use or not use to better your products or services. Make sure the content you provide has value so readers will know you are a writer of substance.

The S is for Share. Make notes on your success and failures. Highlight how you turned negative situations into positive outcomes. The importance is so that you have a record of how to react when these things come your way again. Also so that you can teach others what to do or not do so they won?t make the same mistakes that you do.