If You're Stuck in a Rut, Read Coloring Outside the Lines?

I’m always going on about the fact that marketing is about who you ARE instead of what you DO. I talked about this at the Entrepreneur #Ready2Launch event in New York last week and this made quite an impact on the audience — it was the most retweeted comment that came out of my panel.

It’s easy to SAY – go BE your marketing, but what does that mean? ?There are tons of marketing gurus out there giving great advice and how-to strategies that you can life, swipe and copy but that assumes that you already KNOW who you are and what system fits you best. That’s not always the case.

But how about a book that helps you get to the core of who you are in the world and gets you focused on doing those things that are your greatest strengths, that people can count on you for and that makes a difference in the world?

Well, I’ve just reviewed one — it’s called Coloring Outside the Lines?by Phil Bowyer.

This is a short book written in five parts. My recommendation is that you read it from beginning to end. I’d also recommend that you have a journal, notebook or document in your computer where you can work on several of the exercises that will help you get focused on who you are inside of your business and what you are committed to.

Bowyer?s philosophy is that unless you get clear on who you are, your passion, your mission and what you’re up to, you will forever wallow in not being good enough and go looking for advice in all the wrong places with gurus and systems that worked for others but might not work for you.

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

  • Part I Passion: Discover your passion, no matter what it is and stick to it.

  • Part II The Brutal Truth: What Would You Say You Do Here? Get clear on who you are and what you’re up to in the world and your business. This might hurt, but the pain is worth it.

  • Part III The Brutal Truth: How Bad Do You Want It? This is a chapter about overcoming procrastination and understanding how your ?Lizard Brain? drives your life and your action or inaction.

  • Part IV Getting $%it Done: Understand the distinction between being busy and being productive.

  • Part V Moving The Needle: Measuring success and putting failure into perspective.


Here’s a Google Hangout you can watch to get more details about the book and to see how other small business owners have benefited from it.