When you’re ready to kiss this year good-bye and wipe the slate clean. look to these planners. I looked far and wide and found the best planners for solopreneurs with hundreds of 4+ star reviews (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️).

Mind Your Business

Not just a planner, but more like a workbook. This is an ideal planner for solopreneurs and startups who are embarking on the entrepreneur journey. What I love about this planner is that it includes real-life, on-the court exercises that help you transition from being an employee to a business owner.

mind your business

“This book will be invaluable to anyone dreaming about, starting, or scaling up a creative business. The fill in portions included are honestly worth triple the price. I’ve spent bank on business workshops that didn’t give as much value as this book. I know when you get it, you’re going to want to start filling it up like crazy, but really read and think about what the author is saying and put pen to paper in a thoughtful way to get the most out of this book. Buy this for your friend with the side hustle, she will thank you.” — Laura

The 6-Minute Diary

Ideal for the lifestyle solopreneur wearing many hats and juggling their growing business with their busy lifestyle. I’d call this more of a habit builder and lifestyle manager. This planner includes helpful prompts to focus your mind and your energy toward increasing both productivity and life balance.

“I love this journal! It has helped me be more positive, grateful and hopeful. And it takes very little time each day. I will say that the weekly questions aren’t usually super helpful or applicable to me, so I could do without that. And the habit tracker isn’t very useful because you’d have to keep track of and keep flipping back to that page and I’d never remember to do that. If you incorporated the habit tracker into the daily pages that would be helpful. Also, the cover is pretty but gets dirty really easily. It would be cool to have a vegan leather option.” — Isabelle Wright

Panda Planner

With more than 3,000 5-star reviews, this planner for solopreneurs is one of the most popular. The power of this planner is a constant review of your goals, gratitude and managing tasks. Panda Planner’s design is based on proven principles from positive psychology and neuroscience with the goal to help you become happier and more productive simply by using the planner.

panda planner page

“I have waited almost a month before writing a review because I wanted to actually USE the product before commenting. This task planner is wonderful. Notice that I said task planner as that is what it is. If you are looking for a filled-in date book, this is not it. I have had problems focusing for years and have found that trying to do housework “planned days” programs just do not work for me as I find that I spend a lot of time editing lists. This planner is perfect. Break down what you want to do into doable segments and schedule. I have accomplished more in one month than I do in several and my stress level has been greatly reduced. I now actually have time for fun. I also combine days when I realize that I am not going to be able to achieve and figure that the planner will last around 5 months.” — Skeeter Di

Legend Planner

This planner for solopreneurs is a little more free-form. It is undated, meaning that doesn’t have any dates printed on the pages, so you can start using it any time of the year. Legend is so confident in it’s goal-setting process that you’ll get your money back if you don’t like it.

legend planner for solopreneurs

“This planner is almost perfect for an adult with ADHD. Having the calendar week days on one page and goals, to-do’s (personal and professional), incentive spot for when you complete your major task of the week, space for additional notes, and a habit tracker is awesome. I love that I can fill in the dates because I tend to start projects in the middle of a month and hate wasting paper/space.” — Ace Harrin

iFocus Business Planner

The product description says “Not for tire-kickers”! This is a truly a business planner for solopreneurs who are ready to rock their business. It’s undated so you can start anytime and only runs a 90-day cycle to help you beat procrastination.

Ifocus planner for solopreneurs

“THIS PLANNER IS FOR ORGANIZING YOUR BUSINESS GOALS. I was finding myself struggling to get organized in getting my new business off the ground. I had SO many different things I knew I needed to take care of, but when I would sit down to work on them I didn’t know where to start. I had been eyeing this planner for a while, reading the reviews, thinking maybe it was what I needed to help get organized and get focused. And that’s exactly what it was!” — Jocelyn

Clever Fox Planner

Like other planners for solopreneurs, Clever Fox has the monthly, weekly and daily pages. But what Clever Fox ads to the mix is a vision-board where you can add a little creativity and inspiration to setting and achieving your goals. This is an ideal planner for a startup or a growing business.

clever fox planner for solopreneurs page

“I absolutely love this life planner. I was looking for the right planner for a long time and this one is great. It is very goal-oriented and it covers pretty much every aspect that you can think of. The planner is not dated, so you can start using it pretty much any time during the year and still have it for 12 months. The first few pages help you define your goals, create a vision board and a mindmap, then you have your monthly planning part, then your weekly planning part and you get space at the end for notes. If you are the list-making / goal-oriented type you will really appreciate this planner.” — Monica Jimenez

Law of Attraction Life Planner

This is a truly unique planner. Don’t let the name make you think that you just “wish it and it will come” — that’s not what this planner is built for. This planner includes a space for a vision board and a process for forming habits and positivity in your daily life. One feature I really liked (from a marketing perspective) is this space where you can journal your progress. The power of this section is your documenting your story, your feelings, your successes and even failures. I can imagine this being extremely useful as you create your marketing materials and even social shares.

“I run a restaurant. Unless I am organized it can run me.I run a restaurant. Unless I am organized it can run me. This planner works. What do I mean? The way it flows does some of the work of planning for you. Why do I say some? Let’s be realistic you have to USE any tool to get a job done. Cars don’t fix themselves. Kitchen faucets don’t just stop leaking. They need tools and skill. The skill comes from putting into practice what you learn. This planner keeps you focused and helps build the skills needed to make a positive change in your life. You can read dozens of self-help books but this condenses it into a useful tool.” — — Jojo G

Just A Girl Boss Building Her Empire

If you’re a woman entrepreneur just starting out, this might be the planner for you. Like other planners, it helps you build habits and drive motivation as you move towards growing your business. Unlike other more short-term planners, this one takes the long view and goes out 5 years.

girl boss planner page

“I absolutely LOVE this book. It’s absolutely perfect for all of my small business needs. I’m an independent stylist for Color Street, and this book is perfect!!” — Derek Marsh

What Makes a Planner for Solopreneurs Powerful?

As a solopreneur, you’re often on your own. Sure, you might have a small team that you reach out to, but ultimately, your success is in your hands. Using one of these planners for solopreneurs will keep you on track, motivate you when you’re down and even help you craft marketing messages and collect powerful stories and testimonials.

Check out this list of marketing objectives to get your planning started.

Happy planning!