I’ve just received the BEST vacation autoresponder EVER!

It comes from my new friend and author David Newman (Do It! Marketing) You can see my review of this fab book over at Small Business Trends. Fresh ideas, concept words

David and I have been exchanging emails this morning. As it turns out, he’s on his way to the airport for a whirlwind of travel — maybe he’s promoting his amazing new book.

I get up and run off to get a cup of coffee and when I come back – there is THIS vacation autoresponder — it’s brilliant! See if you can see why:

David here. I’m traveling, speaking, drinking a TON of coffee, and generally rescuing clients and audiences from dire circumstances to dramatically improve their results through?Mon. 10/28.

What that means for YOU is that if you are NOT currently a client, you won’t become one until?Tuesday October 29th. Apologies in advance… but it WILL be worth the wait. I promise.

Speaking of worth the wait – have you SEEN all the amazing goodies you get for ordering my new book? You’ll love ’em – take a look:


If you’re a prospect, just hire me. Really. You know you need it. You know you want it. And, yes, it’s TOTALLY worth the money. My mailbox remains open 24/7 to receive checks.

If you’re a current coaching or speaking client, then the answers you need are:
“Yes, we can definitely do that”
“Yes, yes – we’ll throw that in. You’re already paying us plenty. We love you”
“Of course it’s OK for you to send us more referrals – you rock!”
“You know you can call me anytime, day or night, traveling or not. You have the number. Gimme a ring and we’ll talk.”

That’s about all you need. Have a great time!

— David

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3 Reasons why this is the BEST Autoresponder I’ve EVER Seen

  1. It’s an autoresponder:??I don’t generally like autoresponders. It’s just another stupid email cluttering up my box. BUT (notice the big BUT) in today’s always connected world, people have come to expect immediate response and that isn’t always possible. So if you’re going to be away from your devices, it’s a great idea to have an autoresponder.
  2. Fun to read: ?OK, so I am NOT as funny as David here and maybe you aren’t either. But I’ve met David and?this is how the man talks — I’m NOT kidding! ?The idea is to be yourself. This keeps your recipient engaged and that’s very important because of the MAIN reason that this is the best autoresponder ever —
  3. Always be selling:? David doesn’t waste a moment to not only engage you as the reader, but he doesn’t leave you in a lurch — he’s giving you stuff to click on, and things to do and reminders to HIRE HIM. That is what completely cracks me up.

How to write a killer autoresponder email if you’re not as funny as David

I won’t kid you — I can only dream of being as funny as David is here. And, let me take the pressure off – you don’t HAVE to be funny. You can still have all the great ingredients of this autoresponder email if you just stop and take a moment to collect your thoughts on the matter.

Where are you, what are you doing and when will you be back? Start with the facts here. But then take a moment to dig a little deeper and do what David did — insert some of the benefits that you will be sharing with the world.

David here. I’m traveling, speaking, drinking a TON of coffee, and generally rescuing clients and audiences from dire circumstances to dramatically improve their results through?Mon. 10/28.

See – David is RESCUING and IMPROVING RESULTS — something you probably want for yourself — huh? Don’t you wish he was coming to see YOU?

What impact will your absence have?

This is some really good thinking on David’s part. What impact will my absence have on my audience? Who might miss me and be trying to get in touch with me? CLIENTS and PROSPECTS — so he starts speaking directly to them.

What can you promote that will give people the immediate gratification of YOU?

Here is where it gets really good. The next thing David does is give his audience exactly what THEY want, but doing exactly what HE WANTS them to do. He’s giving them access to his book, free info and an assessment. That should not only keep them busy and give them the access to David that they seek — but might actually sell something in the meantime.

What would you say if you didn’t take yourself SO SERIOUSLY ?

The last thing that makes this email so utterly fantastic is that David doesn’t take himself so seriously — and yet — he’s very serious. He’s in the business of getting and keeping clients, selling books and speaking. He’s in the business of saying YES and he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to do that. And finally, he’s saying what everyone KNOWS is true but doesn’t say — he says the great unsaid. And this is what had me completely rolling.

I’ve had my vacation autoresponder world changed completely – how about YOU?