This past Thursday, I participated in an influencer-filled #ProductivityHacks Tweet Chat, #SMBTalk with @FirstData and @SmallBizTrends. All I can say is WOW!

The hour buzzed by so fast with folks chatting it up and sharing their best tips and tools for getting things done.

I wanted to share some of it with you here because so many of the tools were related to sales and marketing.

So here’s what the cool kids are saying about:

Productivity Killers

We talked about all the things that get in the way of being super productive; procrastination, shiny objects and yes, even Facebook.

productivity killers

Productivity Habits

Then we got into good habits. There are some great tips here from #SMBInfluencers who

productivity habits (1)

Productivity Tools

Another of my favorite times of the Tweet Chat was when all the experts started throwing around their favorite productivity tools. We covered scheduling, project management and email. The names you see here; Google, Asana, Aweber and Trello are the top tools these mavens use. But there are more…

apps 4 (1)
apps 3 (1)
apps 2 (1)
apps 1 (1)

Tips about how to get paid

Co-hosting the Tweet Chat along with Anita Campbell was Peter Karpas from @FirstData. They began the productivity conversation around point-of-sale systems and getting paid. While I’m no expert on the subject, Karpas shared some great tips for retailers and other #SMBs.

Karpas started talking about “Future-Proofing” your business as it relates to POS systems. But I think this is a great idea no matter what kind of system you’re talking about.

It’s one thing to be cost conscious, but you have to invest in those areas that are most critical to the success of your business – and POS is one of those.

karpas (1)