Having a digital community is a MUST if you’re trying to build your personal brand or build your business on social media. You have to connect with your community. And, there’s no better way for building community than to connect and engage with them. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the magic box that drives traffic, customers, and sales in your business — it’s the power of community! So, does your community build itself or do you build your community?

Today’s guest is Sarah Christian — but you know her as Pearl Morbs @PeculiarBeastie on Twitter. Pearl has cut her teeth on community building in the global gaming industry and has worked with ModSquad, a global engagement company. And today, she’s going to share her community building expertise with us.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Story Behind Pearl’s Twitter Handle, @PeculiarBeastie
  • Creating a Brand Name
  • Importance of Having Communities in the World of Small Business
  • Difference Between a Network and a Community
  • Which is Stronger? Online or Offline Communities?
  • The difference of Communities in Each Social Media Platform
  • Core Characteristics of a Thriving Community
  • Common Mistakes When Building a Community



“Social media and engaged communities can work for any brand.”

“Because social media is so flexible, there’s all different kind of ways that you can think of how to engage your community.”

“Through engagement, you can actually boost all of your metrics.”

“A network is a large group based on connections.”

“A community is a smaller group of people that is very all about those very strong connections.”

“Offline communities were strong because you got to see people face-to-face.”

“Each of those platforms have their own demographics.”

“Co-creation is anytime that you invite your community to help create something as far as product improvements or innovation.”

“You only need two people to have a conversation.”

“If you are doing quality engagement and really making it meaningful by having long discussions with your community, you are going to see your community grow as a result of that engagement.”

“One of the most common mistakes is not engaging.”

“Social media is social. It sounds very simple but it’s true.”

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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