If you’re not going to a trade show, then maybe you have an opportunity to have apresence at a workshop, conference or speaking event where a big trade show booth is overkill. Pull up banners are a terrific way to give yourself a good looking brand presence without a lot of money, time or aggravation.

Dane Cross, an expert on trade show exhibits goes over all the wonderful reasons to make a pull up banner stand part of your next trade show exhibit.

The banner stand is one of the most versatile types of advertising available for a company. Though banner stands are traditionally seen at mobile events and trade shows, they can be used for a variety of advertising campaigns.

More durable stands such as pull up banners are easy to move from event to event, and can be taken down and put up in a short period of time. Their portability makes them simple to carry from show to show, or in a commute from a plane, train, or bus. With more stringent rules on planes, having a portable pull up banner stand is essential to saving money and reusing the resources.

Another reason to use pull up banner stands is their flexibility. There are types of pull up banner stands that can be used for many purposes, not just one specific. A business which needs a smaller, more flexible pull up banner stand to get through airport security is much different from a company that uses pull up banner stands for mostly local events. However, there are pull up banner stands for each type of company.

It is also quite easy to protect the graphics on pull up banner stands, which are usually a big reason why pull up banner stands have to be replaced more often than they should. Rolling the graphics down to the base creates less of a chance that they will be damaged in transport, and so your graphics will remain the centrepiece of your campaign for a long time.

Pull up banner stands are also highly attractive. As the main purpose of any type of banner stand is to attract attention, it is very important to maintain the portability and flexibility of the pull up banner stand while still maintaining the overall attractiveness of the graphics.

Pull up banner stands are also ideal for outside events. Other types of stands are more fit for inside functions, but pull up banner stands are able to maintain an attractive veneer either inside or outside while providing a stable base to create a strong presence in any event or trade show environment.

They can also be double sided, which allows a business owner to place them centrally in the exhibition area. This makes the pull up banner stand visible from more angles than another type of banner, which automatically increases the visibility of the exhibition.

If you are looking for a truly versatile solution for inside, outside, cramped, wide, tall, short, or any other type of environment, you can cover all of your bases with pull up banner stands. You can also use them for multiple events and save money on transport and graphics, making pull up banner stands one of the best investments a business can make.


About the Author:?Dane Cross is a UK based freelance writer currently writing on behalf of Marler Haley, suppliers of exhibition stands andpull up banners.