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What Small Business Owners, Consultants and Coaches Can Learn From the Big Guys

Content Marketing World is an event that’s out of reach for most small business marketers’ budgets, but the lessons covered here aren’t just for the big guys. Yes, a lot of attendees were from bigger companies who have entire departments for what you allot yourself a couple of hours a week to do — but that shouldn’t discourage you from taking some of these lessons on for yourself.

Content Marketing World was here in Cleveland last week. I wasn’t able to attend (wish I could) but I did see this article that featured some of the best Call to Action tips from the Tweets that came out of the sessions.

Put Calls to Action in Every Piece of Content

Every piece of content should have a CTA! @dmccaff on today’s getting buy in from the c-suite webinar! #cmworld Content Marketing (@CMIContent) June 11, 2014

The key to getting this right is knowing exactly where you sale happens. I got this tip from Amy Nowacoski (@GingerSnapWorks). Sit down and really think about exactly where and how your customer gives you the sale — then work backwards from there. It doesn’t always have to be online. When you look at your business, does your basic sale close on a phone call — then everything you do, needs to ultimately lead to a phone call. So in the real world it might look something like this:

  • Blog post to social media
  • Social media to connection and quick exchange on social media
  • Social media intro chat to email
  • Email to phone call
  • Phone call to meeting or second call
  • Second call or meeting to close

BOOM — now you know what call to action to put where.

Give your content channels a job description

With prospective buyers in the early stage, awareness and interest are the top goals for content. When attracting and engaging buyers, content should bring them around to your ideas and eventually land them at your products. Here’s lesson from content guru, Jay Acunzo?s session:

Great CTA from @jay_zo for marketers, don’t aim for the click, aim to win he hearts of your audience #cmworld Cindy Valladares (@cindyv) September 10, 2014

So how to aim for “hearts and minds” when you really need to close the deal ASAP?

Designate your content channels to achieve certain goals. Check this out —

  • Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook — seek and find influencers and potential partners
  • Blog posts and guest posts — generate awareness of your brand, build credibility and expertise
  • Downloads – Give value and drive through marketing funnel that ends in desired call to action

Inspire Action:?Whether it’s within social media posts, meta content, or the end of a blog post, a writer needs to create motivation for the next action, even if it’s just fostering a relationship. This requires using action verbs and plain creativity.

@VegeComGirl Some of the best content has no CTA. There’s an implied action that sparks a new journey! #CMWorld Andrew Davis (@TPLDrew) July 15, 2014

Utilize Online Tools:?While a simple thesaurus is always a writer’s friend, you can now a/b test different options and track your results with different technology and techniques including tools like Optimizely. On social networks,?there are a set of actions the user is likely to take aside from clicking your link.

A5 social media tools must facilitate decision making, results measurement, to be useful. #cmworld Bernie Borges (@bernieborges) July 29, 2014

Readers want clarity and will reward you for it. They’re already looking at your brand, and maybe a blog post at this point, so leave the sidebar buttons and forms to the designers and provide the reader with enough information to lead them to the next logical step in their journey from awareness to purchase.

Content: ?Give people what they want, in the form they want it, at a reasonable price & they won?t want to steal it. @kevinspacey #CMWorl Lee Odden (@leeodden) September 10, 2014