I had recently received a review copy of Jim Joseph’s new book The Experience Effect for Small Business and came across this fantastic way to describe your business brand!

Cool Insider Branding and Marketing Tips

I wanted to call this section “Cool Tools” or Templates – but that’s really not what they are. Joseph has peppered this book with some of his “insider” tips and outlines and charts for getting to the heart of a brand. My favorite one is called “For – Who-Is-That-Because-So-Why”. Here’s how that works.

Just write these words down in a column like this:

For: (enter your target market – demographically)

Who: (enter your target market psychographically)

Brand Is: (Type of business)

That: (Rational benefit)

Beacuse: (proof points – no more than three)

So: (Emotional benefit)

Best Expressed by: (Tagline)

The best way to explain this is to give you one that he competed using the dry cleaner I mentioned earlier.

For – our belived neighbors of Chelsea, NY

Who – are the best dressed folks in town

Dry Cleaner is – your safe haven for all your dry cleaning needs

That – takes good care of you and your clothes

Because – special laundry process and a commitment to care

So – You can do more important things in our life

Best Expressed by – Neighbors takiing care of neighbors

Write your branding outline in the comments below!

Why not practice by filling this out for your business and sharing it in the comments?