A few weeks ago,? I received an advanced copy of Dan Schawbel’s new book,”Me 2.0.”? Dan is the editor and publisher of Personal Branding Magazine and now, he can add author to the mix.

I had the book on my pile of intended reading for review, but then Dan told me that he was having a book launch this week!? So I thought I’d feature the topic of personal branding in today’s tweet chat.

One thing was clear from our conversation – we all had a lot to learn about proactively disovering, creating, communicating, marketing and managing our brands.

One of the most popular conversation threads ran around having your personal brand be “searchable.”? In other words, when you type your name into Google, what pops up. Are you surprised? Are you non-existant?

Here are just a few tips that I’ve pulled from the conversation that I think you’ll find useful.

danschawbel @metastream – the top 10 results for your name are the most important #diymkt @thesearchguru – good point @DIYMarketers #diymkt -12:17 PM Apr 6th, 2009

thesearchguru @DIYMarketers also create blog on separate domain or subdomain, social media profiles (optimized for your brand name), video, etc. #DIYMKT -12:17 PM Apr 6th, 2009

smallbiztrends @thesearchguru I believe you can even create a Google Profile, too. Do those appear high in the search results? #DIYMKT -12:19 PM Apr 6th, 2009

thesearchguru for SEO you’d want your blog at, but for reputation management crisis or #DIYMKT -12:19 PM Apr 6th, 2009

BillFrieday being searchable is good..but hope the search turns up only good stuff. #DIYMKT -12:07 PM Apr 6th, 2009

Thanks to everyone who tweeted with us today!

Here’s Your download of the session!