10 Resources for Using Tech to Keep Your Team on Track

One of the biggest reasons small business owners get stuck in doing everything themselves is that they think it costs a fortune to get it all done. This article outlines some fantastic tools across a variety of platforms that will keep your team on track. Here’s what you’ll find:

101 Small Business Web Applications You Must Check Out

If you are planning to manage a team with technology, you must try to learn as much as you can about the different tools available to you. Here we look at an incredible list of 101 online tools that you can use for this purpose. We have categorized the list based on what each tool does best.[Tweet “Check out these great SMB web apps for crazy busy marketers”]

20 Online Project Management Tools to Boost Productivity

It’s said?that a team is only as good as its output. This makes productivity paramount to anything else. Lucky for you, there are now some online project management tools that you can use to remotely manage your team.

5 Tech Tools to Help You Manage Your Small Business From Home

Managingabusiness from?home is quite the fad nowadays. Bosses in the old days (think back to just 10 years ago) had to constantly travel to their offices just to get things done. But with the Internet, it is now possible to manage everything, even if they are working at home or living far away. In fact, some bosses live in other countries and they can still manage their business. If you want to do this, here are 5 tech tools to manage your small business.[Tweet “How to manage your business from anywhere you are”]

Go Remote: 10 Ways to Free Up Your Business With a Tablet

Tablets have transformed the way we view and use the Web. To the same end, they’re freeing up time for small business owners and making them more efficient. Here are 10 ways to maximize your tablet for your business. There are valuable ideas here from using tablets to train employees remotely to using tablets formanaging customers.

Check them all out here: 10 Resources for Using Tech to Keep Your Team on Track

Tips for Working with Freelancers

Learn From Past Mistakes

Identify the problems you have had with freelancers in the past. Was there conflict about rate or scope of the project? Establish a written contract. Have you hired freelancers who didn’t deliver? Create a new hiring process.[Tweet “When working with freelancers, keep track of what didn’t work and use it to hire the next one”]

Over Communicate Goals and Deadlines

Video chats with screen-sharing can reassure you that your freelancer is producing what you had in mind. According to the Formstack ?Managing Remote Teams? infographic, 83% of remote workers report their project statuses online. Ask your freelancers to update you at least weekly.

Create Cheat Sheets

Freelancers need to know about your brand guidelines. They should clearly understand your company’s style, design, and voice. Style guides can save you lots of time correcting things that aren?t quite right with freelancers.

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