Digital audio has become integrated into our daily life. From streaming your favorite playlist while cooking dinner to playing a podcast during your commute or listening to your favorite jams on an evening jog, audio is growing in popularity, personalization, and power. In fact, an estimated 169 million Americans have listened to internet radio in the past week!

While you may not have considered audio advertising as a way to reach your audience, now is the time to take advantage. Here are five reasons why digital audio advertising should be your next marketing move.

1. Everybody’s Using It.

Audio is where your customers are. The average American now listens to over 32 hours of audio each week and while that may seem crazy, think about it. Digital music can be consistently streamed anywhere – on mobile, in the car, through headphones, computers, smart speakers, even your refrigerator can do it. Through digital music, you can share your message with your audience wherever they are and on any device, they’re using. Pretty awesome.

2. You Have Your Audiences’ Attention

Those using digital audio are often doing it hands-free – meaning they’re exercising, working, driving, cleaning, etc., so they rarely stop what they’re doing to skip through an ad. Listeners are also fully engaged from the start – in fact, according to a 2017 Nielsen Media Lab Study, audio ads increase ad recall by up to 24 percent over display. Listeners are also only exposed to one message at a time (instead of 50 ads blazing across the screen) which offers a 100% share of voice for your business.

3. Ad Personalization is at its Best

80 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, and digital audio is a personalized experience by nature. People invest time putting together playlists and customize the kind of music, news or podcasts they want to consume. And because it’s more personalized, people are tuned-in longer and are more engaged – both key to connecting with your audience. And remember, audio ads also are often longer than the more traditional 6-second visual, giving you more room to tell your story and connect emotionally with the audience.

4. You Can Target Consumers in New and Effective Ways

For listeners to consume digital audio, they have to log in. And once logged in, audio platforms can learn more about who the listeners are and better target the audience that’s the best fit for their business. Audio advertising can take into account the genre, mood, time of day, location, weather, gender, age (the list goes on) to deliver specific, tailored content to the ears of listeners businesses most want to reach. Examples of this would look like running ski resort ads as winter approaches, running an ad for a local cafe when listeners are within a certain radius of the shop, or playing an ad for new running shoes during a workout playlist.

5. It’s Measurable

Many forms of digital marketing are moving beyond the “pay and pray” methodology of the past and audio is no different. You can track the number of times the ad’s been played, the number of unique listeners, the listen through rate and click through rate to make sure there’s a true return on your investment.

For some small businesses, audio advertising may seem out of reach, but you don’t have to be a major corporate brand to take advantage. New self-serve platforms like AudioGO make it simple for small businesses to create, schedule, and run audio ads in minutes – which wasn’t possible only a couple of years ago. If you’re looking to refresh your marketing plan and try something new, this could be just the thing you need to engage with potential customers and give your business a boost.