The internet is really a double edged sword. On the one hand, anytime you have a question about absolutely anything, all you have to do is “Google” the phrase and up pop literally thousands of potential answers to your inquiry. On the other hand, which sites do you trust to give you “executive” or “customer-worthy” information that you can trust and re-use in your business? Suddenly your search gets narrowed down fairly quickly to a handful of resource sites that a DIY Marketer could use.

AMEX Open Forum Blog is one I’d like to feature today.

With their focus clearly on the business segment, AMEX is not known for fluffy or insignificant content, and the cadre of writers that contribute to this blog is? a group of proven experts whose insight and opinion you can trust. Unfortunately, article space doesn’t always allow for digging deeper into the article for application points. So I’m going to try and do that here for you with a couple articles.

Dawn Rivers brings back the concept of “Layaway” in her most recent article. Layaway is a throwback to a time when credit wasn’t something you threw around lightly. In case you don’t remember, here’s how a layaway works. You go to a store and “purchase” the things you want. You take your items to the back of the store (where they usually had a layaway department) and they would mark them as yours and set them aside. You would make payments to the store on a regular basis until your item(s) were paid for. Then you would take them home. If you’re in the retail business – then hop over to this article and read on!? Great links and resources as to how to bring layaway back and maybe some customers.

In what ways can you make “Layaway” work for you – if you’re NOT in retail?

  • If you offer any kind of training, seminars or workshops, why not put a class schedule together and allow customers to pre-schedule and make payments up until the class starts?
  • Consulting services can be scheduled and paid on a low-cost retainer throughout the life of the project.

This month, my article at the Open Forum references a trend study that found that while overall spending has decreased, consumers are STILL purchasing “green” and eco-friendly items. I outline some ideas you can use to re-position your product or service to get and keep some of these customers.

If you’re still itchin’ for great low-cost, high-impace (and some hilarious) ideas, read Anita Campbell’s post on Resourcefully Creative Marketing Ideas. Follow the links to Small Business Trends and download your very own copy!

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