Are you so busy creating content for your blog that you’re missing out on those simple things that can really make a difference in building your community? ?Take the next 30 minutes and do these things to better build a loyal following.

Have a couple of blogs and link to them.

I write for several blogs, but I don’t always link to the corresponding articles. Here’s an example. Strategy Stew was listed as one of the top 17 blogs for Toilet Paper Entrepreneurs. As a result of that post, I was contacted by David Garland (The Rise to the Top) and after an awesome conversation, he invited me to answer 10 Questions for him about Marketing. Of course, we then mutually promoted each other via Twitter and other avenues.

But that’s not all that came out of this little adventure. I was also contacted by Johnathan Kay from a company called “Grasshopper.” Check out their cool blog!. Johnathan was checking out the TPE blog looking for an article about his company and found the mention to Strategy Stew. He got hooked by my article on creating your own opportunity….and sent me THIS very cool thing to share with you.

Which brings me to the next item:

Create a meaningful connection and conversation with at least one new person each day.

There are so many small ways that you can open a new door, start a new conversation and create a new possiblitiy and opportunity for yourself and your company. Here are just a few:

  • Send an e-mail to the author of a book or an article. Tell the author you liked it. Have a conversation around what inspired you and see if you can create a new opportunity for the author and yourself around this book or topic.
  • If you have a blog or write – write a review of the book, take another point of view on the article,? create a how-to or tip around that topic.
  • If you are included on some kind of list or part of a group of presenters — reach out to those people and get to know them better. See if you can help them. See if they can help you.

What are some creative ways that you have reached out and created new opportunities for yourself and others?