When my husband and I first started dating we had a fight that could have ended the relationship. Instead, he taught me something that has made a tremendous improvement on how I travel and how I think about marketing plans.

A Personal Story

We were on our way to Washington DC and he asked me to look at the map and tell him which way to go. I had this glassy look in my eyes as I stared at the map, twisting and turning the HUGE piece of paper and trying to make sense of where we were and where to go next. “Are you telling me you don’t know how to read a map?” He said in utter disbelief. “Yup , I don’t know how to read a map.” I replied. He looked at me and asked how in the world I was able to travel and be in sales if I didn’t know how to read a map. I said that I got directions and stopped to ask for directions if that didn’t work. (I could make some snide comment here about guys NOT asking for directions and maps serving as a crutch for their ego — but I will refrain – because I am wrong on this.)

Once we arrived at our destination, and over drinks, he took the time to show me how to read a map. And his patience and lesson paid off the very next week. As I was driving to the airport (and running late) the traffic came to a stop due to construction. Instead of panicking, I pulled out my map and noticed that I could get off the next exit and take a parallel road straight to the airport. I never would have known about this if he hadn’t taken the time to teach me how to read a map. As I took my seat in the airplane I realized that a marketing plan wasn’t really a plan — it was a map!

Outline YOUR Marketing Map on January 25th

Ely Delaney is the founder of “My Business Marketing Mentor” a training site dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get really smart on marketing!

On January 25, 2011, at 12pm Pacific and 3pm Eastern Ely will be sharing his Marketing Map program with us. This isn’t your ordinary marketing plan. This is more like a turnkey marketing system. Ely follows a 5 step process where only the first two steps are more your traditional plan. The last three steps are the real powerhouse.

The biggest mistake we small business owners make is that we don’t follow-up or follow-through. We have great and creative ideas, but then putting them in action is often overwhelming and requires a lot more detail than we planned on.

Here are Ely’s 5 Steps to a turnkey marketing system:

  1. Planning
  2. Prioritizing
  3. Systematizing
  4. Automate
  5. Repeat

This is why I find Ely’s program so terrific. (I’m following it myself you know) ?The really big deal is learning how to take the hard work you did in choosing an ideal customer, finding out what’s important to them and then putting that information IN ACTION. This is where the’systematizing and automating come in.

Take a look at the video interview I did with Ely (in the upper right sidebar on this page).

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