What comes right into your mind when you hear or see or talk about Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site that was founded in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates in Harvard University. It was initially made accessible to only a limited number of users, but was later on expanded, because of its interactive features, bridging the communication gap in between families, friends and acquaintances. Currently there are already more than 800 million active users of Facebook. If you still don’t have a Facebook account then it’s time to create one!

Truly with the existence of Facebook, communication has become a lot easier than before. The areas for development for Facebook don’t end that’s why people are keen about it and in fact has become part of their daily lives. Clearly, Facebook has become a main activity of people who are socially inclined.

Facebook has become such prominent that even companies, big or small, are using it as one key to market their brand name, as well as their products and services. One significant feature of Facebook that companies use is creating Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook Fan Pages have become prevalent in businesses, regardless of what type of industry a company or an organization belongs to. We will furthermore discuss in the succeeding sections of this article on how Facebook Fan Pages can be used as an effective approach for Online Marketing.

As of present, Facebook is known as the largest social networking site in the world where users of any age keep in touch with one another. With the vast number of users of Facebook, looking for potential customers has become easier too.

It is very important to keep your customers engaged. For them to feel that way, you have to establish an effective relationship with your customers.

  • Start off by creating a business profile in your Facebook Fan Page to establish your presence or your online identity. Make it as descriptive as possible because people want to be informed before they’ll start showing some support to your products and services. Know that people would be more attracted to it when they can see photos, so upload some.
  • Next thing is to promote your Facebook Fan Page by inviting users to become fans so they can exchange their thoughts by posting in your wall and let others see it, at the same time allowing them to comment on it. Advertise something new to your Facebook Fan Page every now and then to keep your fans visiting your page. If they really liked it, they’ll start inviting their friends; this now gets you more potential customers in return.

How can Facebook Fan Pages help you with your Marketing?

At times you may want to put up announcements in the form of photos or videos for promotions. You’ll be able to attract more customers if you will at least give out rewards later on, as this will increase their engagement and satisfaction.

If maintained and managed well, your company’s Facebook Fan Page can do a lot for you and your business. To keep your customers coming means that you also have to do your part by maintaining the customer relationship of which two among the most important factors involved are trust and loyalty. Since Facebook Fan Pages allow users to voice out their comments, suggestions, testimonials, and other opinions, you as the business owner can take on their words as these also help you decide to make further developments for your business.

Indeed Facebook is such a powerful marketing tool that will help your business become well known, and eventually increase in sales. However, it’s never going to let you achieve the success in haste so don’t strive for quick results. It’s always going to be a step by step process before you make progress out of it.

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Jessica Francisco is one of the editors of Luke Roxas.