Do you remember 2008? The economy was red hot. Facebook Pages was brand new. Twitter, a mere pup. Texting just taking off in the U.S. The Apple iPhone had just launched a year earlier without the App Store. In the world of customer marketing back then, email was the most reliable and adopted electronic medium for marketing to customers.

In other words, in 2008 the email newsletter was KING.

Fast forward to 2012. What a sea change! Today, small businesses are gasping for help managing a plethora of channels as their customers (their fans?) have gone gaga over smartphones, the mobile web, mobile apps, Facebook, and Twitter.

To worsen matters, each marketing channel needs to be play a specific role. Self-anointed marketing gurus wax philosophically about the need to build relationships? using social media, presumably by owners asking questions daily of their fans like What’s your favorite Brad Pitt movie? In this age, it seems the DIY Marketer needs to be equal parts gossip columnist, geek, and branding genius.

But do they really?

A growing body of evidence points to what the consumer really wants when he/she clicks ?Like?, Follow? or provides an email address to you. Hint: it’s not about Brad Pitt. The number one reason for sharing contact information on Facebook is to save money. In fact three of the top six reasons are savings-related.


Source: Exact Target Survey, 201

A different study focused on the reasons for signing up for email newsletters. And the results were even more pronounced.


Source: Forrester Research Survey, 2009


Finally, if we abstract a little bit from just collecting contact information, saving money is two of the top three reasons consumers shop at certain businesses during the crucial holiday season.


Source: SurveyBuilder Survey, 2011


Now if you’re a DIY Marketer, we’re not advocating price promotions as your only marketing. As you see, consumers want a mix of things from businesses. But the data clearly demonstrate the need for savvy business owners to focus on savings ?when they market to their fanbases. It’s simply what fans expect.

So if consumers want savings, Fanminder, a social mobile loyalty tool (disclaimer: I’m the CEO) delivers on this promise.

Last week we launched our biggest set of features yet, Version 2.0. In under two minutes, a small business owner can design and publish exciting price promotions that turn online customers into in-store buyers. 2.0 fills in a big, unmet merchant need to take all those Facebook fans, email lists, mobile lists and Twitter followers and figure out what content actually motivates them to get them to come back to the store to buy something again savings opportunities!

Overall, we aim to help owners make exciting and visually stunning promotions without having to pay for a professional marketer or graphic designer. We started by analyzing thousands of real-world offers in our database to find the 8 most common types of promotions, which we call offers. Offers like Freebies, Sales Events, and Daily Specials. We templated those in our offers wizard.

Then we scoured the earth and our own database for every holiday, wacky appreciation day, and reason for communicating with your customers, and turned those into hundreds of Bright Ideas, which are exciting headlines that take the guesswork out of what offer to write up.

We’ve always known how much owners want to look bigger than they are, look more professional. So we created a sort of “evite” for promotions with our dazzling holiday and popular themes to wrap together all this content in one great-looking Offers Page.


Check out at It’s free to start and explore while the launch is still new!