Isn’t sexy marketing what we’re all after?

We all want hordes of prospects to be riveted by our offers, rush to our stores and websites, and tell their friends to do the same. We want them talking, engaging, and sharing in other words, fulfilling the promise of excellent marketing coupled with masterful use of social media.

It sounds great, like a business owner’s dream come true but the truth is that if your marketing is too sexy, it could sink your business by attracting too many, and the wrong kind, of people.

Wait Too Many People?

How could your marketing be too effective? Don’t you want as many people as possible seeing and responding to your message?

Well, sure, if you’re a giant corporation like Apple or GM with huge amounts of resources to spend dealing with the influx, then having the world beating down your door is a wonderful thing. Companies like that can afford to do massive campaigns that bring in hundreds of thousands of leads.

You can’t. You shouldn?t want to. It could sink you before you even get out of port.

If your marketing is too effective with too many people, you’re not going to be able to focus on the best customers. The ones who really, really need what you provide, the ones who will come back to you again and again.

You don’t need a hundred thousand new customers (yet); you need a few really excellent ones.

Five Reasons to Avoid Hyper Effective Marketing

Here’s what could happen if your marketing is too broad and speaks to too many people, without focusing closely on the right kind of customer for your business:

  1. You’ll waste time, energy, and resources that you could have used for selling. Your inbox will be flooded with comments, questions, and complaints that won?t lead to sales. All these low-value people take up enough of your time that you won?t be able to put any energy into finding the right people ones who will actually buy something!
  2. You’ll spike your bounce rate and ruin your stats. Your website will be overloaded with visitors who show up and leave immediately, raising your bounce rate through the roof. The wrong people will come to your store or website, look around, maybe snag a freebie if they can, and then leave and never come back.
  3. You’ll be inundated with revenue-draining returns. People will buy on impulse who can’t really use the product or service, and you’ll be inundated with returns. It’s a waste of time and energy servicing these people.
  4. You’ll lose the opportunity to nurture brand ambassadors. When you’re dealing with lots of low-quality people rather than a few high-quality customers, you won?t have time to develop relationships with the people who could turn into long-term, repeat customers and brand advocates. The low-quality people don’t care enough about your business to tell anyone about it.
  5. You’ll lose the respect and interest of people who might be a perfect match. When your ideal customer is greeted with mass mailings, generic spam, poor service, and not enough personalized attention, she or he will turn around and walk out the door.

And all because you fell victim to the idea that there is never too much traffic, never too much marketing, and that any visitor can become a client.

Every business has a magic number of people, and more particularly, a magic number of perfect people who can go through the system and come out the other end happy. Those are the only ones you want to spend your time and money on.

Failing to attract the right people and instead being inundated with the wrong people can wreak havoc on your business and on your bottom line. Obviously, you don’t want these people hanging around you or your business so stop inviting them!

The Cure for Hyper Effective Marketing

All of this can be avoided by single-mindedly seeking out and speaking to the right person. The right person is the one who has a real, clear need for your product or service. You can figure out who that is by creating a customer profile that tells you all about them, from how old they are to where they hang out.

You have to identify all of their demographic characteristics, like location, gender, income and education, as well as many psychographic characteristic, like political leanings, favorite pastimes, and aspirations.

You see, sexy is a really, really good thing in marketing, but not everyone can or should find you sexy. So stop trying to get everyone’s attention.

The point of employing sexiness to attract the right person is so that you can eventually get naked with them which means open, sincere, and targeted.

Identifying who you should be sexy for (who you want to see naked, and who wants to see you!) is the first step in effective Naked Marketing.

About the Author: Danny Iny (@DannyIny), the cofounder of Firepole Marketing, is known as “the Freddy Krueger of Blogging” for his omnipresence in the blogosphere. In his game-changing Naked Marketing Manifesto, available as a free download in exchange for a tweet or share, Iny filters out the noise and leaves business owners and marketers with a clear and focused understanding of what marketing is really all about, how it works, and how they can do it better in their own businesses. He is coauthor (with Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark, and many others) of the critically acclaimed Engagement from Scratch!