If you’re a reluctant sales rep like me, then you already know how much MORE FUN it is to sell more stuff to existing customers than it is to get out there and find new customers, make nicey-nice, get them to like and trust you, get them to actually consider using your product and finally get them to buy.

If you’re lucky, they made a good decision and were a good fit for your company, your product and the level of customer service you offer.

Not every customer is for everybody.

Joseph Jaffee’s latest book “Flip the Funnel” is my latest book review on Small Business Trends. And it holds lots of lessons for DIYMarketers.

  1. Focus on the customers you already have.
  2. Set up a relationship retention process that engages them and encourages them to buy more of your stuff. (the more of your stuff a single customer buys, the more profit you make — it’s a good thing)
  3. If you look at a piece of customer communication and it sounds “corporatey” and empty — it probably is. It’s a good bet it will make your customer feel — NOTHING and give them a good reason to look elsewhere the next time they need what you sell.
  4. Treating your customers like individuals will SET YOU APART and differentiate you from the competition and from other alternatives — remember — they aren’t do thing (go figure).
  5. It will make work FUN. Whoever said work wasn’t supposed to be fun and that’s why they call it work — died poor. Building loyal profitable relationships with your customers (assuming they are a good profile fit for you) is FUN and will make your life and your employees life more fun.

“Flip the Funnel” is an entertaining read — but not necessarily an easy logical read. Jaffe himself will tell you that he’s a bit ADD and jumps around and this is true. However – it’s perfectly possible to read this book in small doses, take in the tidbits and pull out a few things that you will do differently.

As a DIYMarketer, you can’t afford to miss out on this relatively FREE strategy that sets you apart, builds business with customers you’ve already got and increases your level of fun at work. Pick up your very own copy of “Flip the Funnel” and see what it does for you.