Michael Low Article marketing maverick

When I retired? some years ago, I didn’t suddenly stop working. Quite the contrary. I actually started really working for the first time.

You see, up until that time, I was working for someone else a boss. I was spinning my wheels. And frankly, I felt more like a slave than an employee most of the time!

I always felt I was wasting a lot of the precious hours in my day. Time I could never get back.

When I worked in a car dealership for example, I felt the time spent doing anything other than talking with potential car buyers was wasted. Sure I had to move cars around the lot to keep the yard looking fresh and presentable.

But I was a salesman. I was hired to sell. So my only real productive time was when I was toe-to-toe with a prospect, doing what I did best.

If I could spend every minute of my nine to ten hour day actually selling then I would be spending my time on activities that where worthwhile.

Of course, it doesn’t work out that way. I probably spent about 20% of my time selling and the other 80% following up with prospects or tidying the lot or sending out brochures or or or.

However, in my own business, I do get to spend my time on those things I’m best at. In fact, I must spend my time on those things or my business goes no where.

And I’ve structured my business so I don’t have to do anything except those few things.

Yes, I may be free from the daily grind the daily commute the daily office politics but I’ll never be free from doing those things that make my business successful.

Maybe I don’t always call it work. But it is work. Enjoyable work.

What about you? Are you spending all your time on the few core activities you are best at? Or is a lot of your energy wasted on activities you neither enjoy nor do well?

If you want to escape the daily grind you must do less of the things you’re not good at and do more of the things that create success.