There’s a new way to promote your small business podcasts and livestreams.  It’s called GetVokl and it’s ideal for both new and veteran podcasters who are looking to grow podcast listeners and profit from their content.

What is GetVokl?

GetVokl is a free, dynamic livestreaming platform designed to help podcasters, coaches, teachers, bloggers, reporters, or others who want their livestream to reach people on multiple platforms.

What’s the Benefit of Using GetVokl for Podcasters?

If you’re a podcaster, you already know how hard it is to monetize your podcast.

Most podcasters make money from corporate sponsors.  But what if that strategy hasn’t worked for you?  Or what if you have a decent sized engaged community, but no way for them to contribute money?

Well, with GetVokl you can create your own livestreaming channel.  Basically, you host your own show and you can also invite guests and your audience to join you onstage. You can also explore and join other Live GetVokl events.

It is similar to a radio call-in show but with video and you can also simulcast your show to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope too!

There are many other platforms that you can use to profit from your content, but at this point, GetVokl is the only one that is 100%

GetVokl Gets Great Reviews from Users

Since I’m not a podcaster I didn’t have the chance to use this platform myself.  So I searched out some of the GetVokl reviews on the web.

It looks like a lot of Blab users who were disappointed when Blab shut down, have found a friend in GetVokl.

GetVokl users love the quality of the engagement from the community.  They also give kudos to the GetVokl development team for listening to their users.

Many of these GetVokl reviews were written within the last two years.  And, I’m sure that they’ve made many platform improvements since then.

This user loves GetVokl’s ability to seamlessl integration with Facebook and YouTube.

While GetVokl isn’t included in this chart about Patreon Alternatives, I’m sharing this for you so that you can see the other platforms that will allow you to profit from your podcasts and livestreams.

GetVokl Can Be An Alternative to Patreon

If you’re already on Patreon, and are looking for an alternative because you think their rates are too high?  GetVokl might be an option for you.

Here are just two benefits that GetVokl has over Patreon:

  • GetVokl let’s creators host interactive live-video shows so they can engage with and monetize their audience. Patreon does not provide any such experiences.
  • Creators can host events on GetVokl with exclusive access to patrons. Patreon creators use GetVokl as a perk for their patrons. But they can monetize directly on GetVokl as well.

Leverage the Power of GetVokl Live Streaming to Grow Your Patreon Revenue

GetVokl Review: Final Thoughts

Before you choose a tool to produce and promote your podcasts, make sure that you are clear on your overall goals and how any of these platforms will help you achieve them.

I recommend that you take the time to review each and every platform before you make a commitment. Once you’ve made your commitment to a platform, be sure to focus on that platform and learn as much as you can about it. This way you aren’t diluting your podcasting efforts.



Free Free FREE to use


Increased earnings for content creators.


Integrates with Patreon so you can give specific audiences and host VIP events.


Create your own channel – so your content is “syndicated” to a broader audience than your own.



Community “tips” using VCoin, a currency native to GetVokl. Some people may not feel comfortable with that.


Hosting all of your content on GetVokl alone may put it at risk if the platform doesn’t make it.


While GetVokl will expand your audience, you need to have a large community to make decent money.