Google fonts are a series of open-source web fonts that Google has created that look the same on your website and every other website on the web. Google has made these fonts available to everyone for free. Think of Google fonts as a series of font families that are “easily digestible” for computers. Google fonts are lean on code and can speed up your website significantly.

Fonts are more powerful than you might think. They can communicate the personality of your brand sometimes more powerfully than a logo alone. There’s just one problem — they don’t always look like they are supposed to look on every computer. This is where Google Fonts can come in really handy.

You might not realize it, but Google has thousands of open-source (that means FREE) font families available that you can use on your website.

Choosing the Right Google Font Matters — A LOT

You may not realize it, but your font does a LOT of the heavy lifting in communicating your brand.

Choosing the wrong font for your website design is like wearing sandals in a snowstorm.  It isn’t functional and it can really hurt your chances for survival.

Think of font families like personalities.

Want to show people your business is creative?  Choose something down-to-earth for your sub-headings like Mansalva

Or, stay solid and traditional with Montserrat

Google fonts can do everything that expensive custom designs fonts can do. They come in every shape and size; serif, sans serif, handwritten and more. In short, you don’t need an expensive custom font, Google fonts will do the job better, faster, and for less money.

What is Google Fonts

“Google Fonts (formerly known as Google Web Fonts) is a library of more than a thousand free and open source font families, an interactive web directory for browsing the library.” That means that they will look exactly the same on all computers and this will make sure that your website design looks exactly as you intended it to look.

Google fonts is the standard set of fonts that are ideal for all online content. Google has made their fonts available for everyone to use for free.

In short, I recommend you only consider google fonts for your website, regardless of what styles of font you are considering for your web content.

google fonts home page

Why Should I Use Google Fonts?

There are three big reasons to use Google Fonts.  They are consistent, free and can be a bit faster than the alternatives.

Google Fonts are Consistent Across All Devices

google fonts are consistent

The number one reason to choose a Google Font is that it will look the same across every device.

You may not have realized that fonts are actually FILES that you download onto your computer.  So if you choose a custom font and download it onto your computer.  YOU will see it correctly, but your audience will NOT.

This is a problem.

Google Fonts live on a cloud server.

When you use a Google Font, there is code in your website that goes up to the server and pulls down exactly the font you specified.  

This is how you maintain a consistent brand and look across all of your marketing assets.

Google Fonts are Free

Who doesn’t like free?  But like most things Google, you’re not sacrificing quality for price.  

Google fonts are licensed as open sourced.  That means that you can use them for both commercial and personal use without paying a licensing fee.

Google Fonts are “Faster”

The font style you choose can really slow down your site.  While there are other web fonts out there, Google Fonts libraries are just a bit “lighter” and will download a tad bit faster whether you have a WordPress site or other website platform.

How to Combine and Pair Google Fonts

Choosing the right fonts for headers, sub-headers and body is called font-pairing.  A good font-pairing will make your site easy to read on any size screen.

You don’t have to be a designer to pair Google fonts.  There is a website for that.  Check out FontPair.  All you have to do is scroll through some of their featured pairings or click around until you see a pairing that best communicates your brand.

use font pair to choose google font combinations

You can never go wrong with a traditional serif/sans serif combination like this:

google font pairing

How to use Google Fonts

To access Google fonts, head on over to 

google font home page

If you already know which fonts you’d like, just search for them in the toolbar


how to add google fonts

You can select as many fonts as you like.  After you click on the “+” those fonts will be added to a “cart” at the bottom of the screen.

adding google fonts

Now, you are ready to add these fonts to your computer.

There are two ways to do that.

You can upload the files to your “fonts” folder.  Or, use Skyfonts.  Skyfonts will download all the fonts to your machine and synchronize them from your computer to the cloud.

So click on “Use Skyfonts”. Download it to your system and the rest is automatic.

sky fonts and google fonts

Your system will need a few minutes to synchronize with SkyFonts.  So if you don’t see your fonts immediately don’t worry.


Don’t ignore the power of using fonts to communicate your brand. Check out Google Fonts and create a font pairing that will show your customers what your brand is all about.