It is not uncommon to see new businesses struggle to find new clients. Often companies are advised to attend events, use social media, use automated email servers and more. But what worked most for me was Quora.

After having tested almost every marketing strategy out there I realized that using Quora was the best way to generate thousands of high quality leads every month.

I started using Quora in 2015 and have now answered 1,438 questions, which have had over 4.1 million views.

Quora is a question-and-answer platform and a community for intellectuals to voice their opinions. So how does this generate? That the people you are answering will be directly interested in your services. Anyone who clicks on the question will be directly interested in your products and services and drive your organic traffic!

Quora has also helped me get published by platforms like HuffPost, Forbes and TechCrunch.

Why Focus on Quora?

The benefits of using Quora are many but I found that these five were the best ones in my case.

  1. It drives high-quality organic traffic — If you can successfully answer a question on Quora thousands of people will view it. Within this question you can embed links to your own blog and services. By doing so your traffic will be extremely high quality as the users will have specifically looked up the question you answered, and thus be interested in your services.
  2. It creates brand awareness — One of the toughest tasks for a startup is getting their name out there. Quora has over 80 Million users, meaning that by being an active user you improve your brand visibility and build company awareness.
  3. It can get you featured in major publications — As I mentioned some of my best written publications got me featured in the Times, Huffington Post and more… It is not rare that excellent Quora answers will get you featured in big-name websites and drive you even more traffic.
  4. It helps you build leadership in your niche — Overall, Quora can help you establish yourself in the industry. Once you’ve built your network, people will start coming to you for advice. This shows authority in your niche and brings about the view that you are an expertise in the topic.
  5. Can help you perform competitor analysis and do market research — It is essential to undergo competitor analysis on all aspects of a company, this can include Quora. Looking through other people’s profile on the platform and comparing it to yours can also help you gauge how their business is marketing their content.

How you Should Structure your Quora Answers

Be Specific

Like other platforms, it is necessary to enter a good niche to be successful on Quora. Becoming an expert in your specific field should be your main priority. However, 

Be Genuine

Your answers should be genuine, honest and helpful. Shamelessly self-promoting yourself won’t make you any friends in this business as poor answers can get down-voted and lead you to not having any traffic.

Be Controversial

Quora also rewards you for voicing opinions, controversial ones are often looked upon well. This is a tactic well known by top writers; people find it refreshing to see different viewpoints and you want to stand out from any other website or answer.

Include Images

Quora is a largely informal answer community so anything you can do to make your answers easy to read and friendly is necessary. Images allow you to not leave a long block of boring text and in addition to that – the visual content is getting into viewers heads up to 80% better compared to 20% reading, so infographics are more than welcome when you are building up your Quora audience.

You’ll find that most top writers use images in almost every post – that says something, doesn’t it?

The Importance of Strategy

Like most marketing and social tools, Quora is all a matter of consistency. You want to regularly build on your platform and the best way to do so is to schedule a set amount of answers to aim for per week. I personally like to write approximately seven a week (one a day). This will only use up 20 minutes of your day and is an extremely time savvy way to gain leverage over time.

Secondly, to be successful on Quora you need some form of strategy on the type of questions you want to answer. Although you want to be within your niche you also want to try and occasionally hit some million viewed answers to spike up your traffic. Usually, questions about famous CEO’s (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg) with controversial answers bring millions of views in. So why not try and lace in your story with theirs!

Lastly, it is essential that you design a good Quora homepage. Most top writers design it almost like a website: include images, links and a relevant bio. 

Our Final Words

So, why not give it a try? Quora could be the perfect tool to leverage your business and connect with clients. Now, no one has ever become a top Quora writer overnight. You need to bear in mind that practice makes perfect, and it requires some time. But as long as you remember of the importance of the strategy and a well-tailored structure of your answers, Quora will reward you in no time.