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Looking for creative, low-cost gourmet client gift ideas? You’ll find them here along with tips on how to choose just the right client gift that will make them remember and love you for years to come.

How to Choose the Perfect Client Gift

Choosing the perfect client gift is more about a habit of thought than a talent. Here is how to give the client gifts that stand out without busting your bank.

  • Understand that gift giving is a form a communication, conversation and connection.
  • Listen for key phrases, events, private jokes or quirks that your client has. Write those observations down in a notebook or on a digital note. Reflect on past experiences you shared or something funny or humorous you know about them.
  • Follow and connect with your clients on social media. You’ll learn so much about music, food and other interests that will make it much easier to choose a gift.
  • Keep a notebook or spreadsheet or even notes in your client database when you come across a great gift idea.
  • Buy throughout the year! How many times have you seen something that would be the perfect gift for a client and passed on it because it wasn’t a special occasion. Don’t wait — grab it when you see it.

As always, it’s not about how much money you spent, a great gift becomes great when it communicates and connects on a much deeper level.

Of course, if you haven’t time for any of that, you can always default to food! Food is a great gift primarily because it’s easy to share with everyone in the office and if your client is a solopreneur, they can share with their entire family.

In this article, I’ve pulled together just a few of my favorite food gifts for clients — all for under $50!

Let’s Get to the Goodies!

For the indulgently deprived snacker, a box of cinnamon-infused Biscoff cookies will transport you to a European cafe on your next break – $15

Yes – I am one of those people who beg the flight attendant for at least two additional packs of these heavenly, decadent delicacies. Give this Signature Box and Bow With Lotus Biscoff Cookies to your clients who are discerning about what they eat. Biscoff cookies are vegan, non-GMO and contain no nuts (even though they have a sweet nutty flavor).


Better yet, why not send a customized jar of Biscoff cookies! Instead of defaulting to a self-promotional logo, do something unexpected. If you work with several people inside a company, send them a customized package of cookies with THEIR logo!

Another fun option is something like this yummy holiday box.


Fun Fact: Since 1932, these Belgian treats are a staple with coffee. Today, more than 90 million treats have been distributed on US domestic flights.

You might like: You may have known about the cookies, but did you know there is a “cookie butter” – it’s like peanut butter only it’s Biscoff cookie butter. But why choose, try this Biscoff Tin Gift Basket Assortment for $50

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Driftaway delivers insanely fresh roasted coffees from around the world along with a lesson and a story. — $39

Why it’s a great client gift: Your coffee-loving client will ever be without that energy-boosting, eye-opening nectar of the gods. Seriously freshly roasted and shipped within hours weekly or monthly. It’s a whole new level of coffee experience.

Fun Fact: Whole beans are roasted every Thursday and shipped Friday within 6 hours of roasting! Your experience starts with a tasting kit and then you can customize what type of coffee you’d like and how often you’d like to receive it. Inside the package you get a story about the beans and the grower.

You might like: Since the beans are delivered whole, you’ll need a grinder. They’ve got an option for every price point — I say go for the manual grinder — to really get close to the coffee experience and work out any frustrations.

When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not — you might as well make your own hot sauce! – $35

Why it’s a great client gift: The DIY foodie client who had a great year or maybe who has a hot temper will love this DIY hot sauce kit.

Fun Fact: The first commercial hot sauce was introduced in the early 1800’s. Tabasco is the oldest brand of hot sauce.

You might like: These fun spice tubes are just the right complement.

This Spelt Bread is soft and yummy bread goodness without any of the guilt — $7

Why it’s a great client gift: Never feel guilty about eating bread again! This buttery tasting, soft bread is actually good for you! And the grilled cheese sandwiches are AMAZING. The spelt grain used in this bread is so pure that it’s patented! I recommend ordering a variety — put them in the freezer and enjoy!

Fun Fact: Every single loaf of Berlin Natural Bakery spelt bread is made by hand in Berlin, OH (Amish Country). The spelt grain is actually patented

You might like: Oh – it’s not just bread! Try the cookies, pizza crust, and even noodles!

Original New York Katz Bagels are eye-rollingly what a bagel should be- $9

Why it’s a great client gift: This is a great gift for any clients who are far from “home” and miss their authentic kosher bagels. Last year, I visited some kosher clients in Minnesota. At the meeting, they brought kosher bagels that looked — let’s just say pretty sad. When I asked if they had real New York bagels, they said that these were it. While at the airport, I jumped online and ordered these authentic, crispy-on-the-outside, doughy-on-the-inside bagels. A day or two later, I received a thank you email with a snapshot of bagel-eating faces.

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, in the early twentieth century, Katz’s Deli was a was a Friday favorite — not for bagels, but franks and beans!

You might like: Round out the New York Deli experience with sliced pastrami, rye bread and mustard.

A nice, Triple Chocolate Ganache cake makes everything better!

Why it’s a great client gift: Even though this is an absolute office-shareable gift, your chocolate-loving client may want to keep it all to herself! If you have a client who you think of as “sweet” or with whom you’ve shared “sweet success” — this is the perfect gift.

Fun Fact: Chocolate is good for you! It improves memory, reduces stress and woohoo – makes you happier!

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Take a trip down memory lane with this retro collection of sweets – $30

Why it’s a great client gift: There is something magical about seeing something (especially candy) from your childhood. It conjures up giddiness and memories of being rewarded for a job well done.

Fun Fact: Groovy Candies is actually a veteran-owned company headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

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What to do with all the Biscoff cookies you’ve hoarded from business trips — there’s a book for that! – $17

Why it’s a great client gift: While in a client meeting, I noticed she had a jar of Biscoff cookies on her desk. I commented on how much I loved them when she confessed that she had been collecting them from a recent round of business travel. This is a great way to repurpose those cookies and be the star of any potluck party.

Fun Fact: Wondering where the name Biscoff came from? Biscoff is derived from BIScuits and COFFee for the most obvious reason.

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