Facebook marketing has gotten to be one of the tougher platforms to market on, especially if you’re a business. The reach has decreased, if no one clicks on your posts, your interaction decreases as well.

The fact is, Facebook is a HUGE community. According to this article, Facebook has 1.5 BILLION (yes, that’s with a B) people using it each month. Not each year, each month. Facebook also has very targeted opportunities on their advertising platform, which is a huge advantage to businesses.

How do you navigate?


Facebook?s world is ever-changing and with it owning Instagram too, it’s one dominating platform. Facebook?s reach can be, dare we say, everlasting. Let’s take for example this video of Candace talking about her Chewbacca mask. This was Facebook?s first live video that went viral. As of this blog post, it had over 160 million views.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is one thing DIY marketers need to be taking advantage of. Facebook live is exactly what it sounds like- a live streaming of an event or of a tutorial. News stations are taking advantage of this for their segments and businesses are taking advantage of this for tutorials or information they want to share with their clients.

Replying to Messages


If you’ve seen on Facebook, there’s a ?speed? indicator on the right side of a business’s page. This indicates how long it takes for a business to reply back to a message. This is important because:

  1. You want to be active on social media hence ?social? media
  2. You want to reply back in a timely manner because this popps on on your page and Facebook measures how quickly you respond.

Nowadays people want instant access, instant results and instant replies. You can easily reply to these messages by turning on your notifications on your Facebook settings on your phone.

Get your Photos Straight

Sometimes I click on things just because I want to see the photo more close up and I know others are like this too- photos are a huge driver for people’s attention. You cover photo and your profile photo need to be on point with your message. To help you you can use a program called Canva or you can open your favorite photo editing software and create a new image to these dimensions:

  • Cover photo: 399 wide by 150 tall
  • Profile photo: 160 x 160


Post Consistently


Facebook has made it so easy to post on your page by adding a scheduling tool. This is easy to use and easy to get to. When you’re posting your update, instead of clicking the blue ?post? button, click the down arrow next to it and select schedule. You can set a date and a time for your posts to go out.

Ideally you would want to dedicate a day a week to plan out your posts for the upcoming week. For us, we dedicate Tuesdays as the date to make our social posts for the week. We schedule them out and use the other days to interact and engage. This works well for us and enables us to be organized and to plan.


Fill Out Your About Section

about 1

I was talking with a client yesterday who wanted a ?rundown? of how to use Facebook for his business. I went over everything and then started diving into his page. It turns out he didn’t fill out his About section. This is huge when people are clicking on ads you’re running or if you pop up in their newsfeed. They can go to the About page and click to your website, call you from their phone or learn about your story. It’s so simple, but people forget about it.

These are simple tips that don’t take a lot of time to implement. Take some dedicated time to planning and your Facebook strategy will begin to improve. Tell us what you think about these tips by tweeting to us at @SouthStreet_Co