As a business owner or marketing director, you’ve likely been told countless times that you need to invest in video for your business. I know I must hear this message at least a dozen times a week. But somehow, regular video just doesn’t quite seem to work with your information or business style.iStock_000012383243XSmall

For those of you nodding your head as you read this, it’s time to start using video scribing to get your visual messages across to your audience. What is video scribing? Good question! Lets look at all you need to know about video scribing.

1. What is video scribing?

Video scribing is essentially video-based storytelling. Through the use of whiteboard animation, the video is a combination of an artist?s illustration, a written script with a voiceover, and stop-motion photography. All these techniques are combined to create an experience that leaves the viewer engaged and wondering what will happen next in what they’re watching on screen.

2. How is video scribing different from a video?

Video scribing keeps the viewers? attention longer than simply watching a video because they are watching the actual content unfold in front of their eyes. It’s a visual stimulation that involves both the audience and the author. And when you combine audio and video messages, retention jumps to 65%, almost twice as effective than video alone.

3. Why do I need video on my website?

Most people learn by watching, with 83% of learning occurring visually. To complement that, 11% of people learn by hearing. We all know that combining words and pictures make for a more compelling visual image. Through the use of storytelling, that concept is taken a step further and helps the brain process information in a way it will retain the knowledge.

4. How do I find a video scribing company?

Since video scribing is a fairly new avenue of online video marketing, it’s important to find a company that has experience in the scribing arena. You can start with a simple web search using the terms ?video scribing? or ?whiteboard animation.

Once you’ve completed a video, the sky?s the limit as to what you can do with it. You can place the video on your website, social media channels, YouTube, and send it out in your email newsletter.

You do not need a huge budget allocated for video scribing creation these days, especially with companies that can help you through the entire creative process. However, it’s important to make sure you do have funds available so you can compete in the field you want. Start reviewing your line items to see where you can allocate funding to video.

What do you think of video scribing? Would you be willing to try it for your business?