dogs on vacation iStock_000041136960SmallThe mantra for DIYMarketers is to Do Less Marketing and Make More Money. I’ve decided to focus on this when I give small business marketing advice because THE most common issue I get with my clients and audience is “Marketing Overwhelm” — too much to do, not enough time — and let’s not say anything about not getting the desired results.
All of this creates a whole lot of UN-happiness.
So what causes unhappiness — I’ve found that Small Business Owners are unhappy when they have “I don’t know what I want — but I want it NOW” — or I don’t know what I want — but it isn’t THIS.
This is critical to get and admit to as a business owner — I’ve been there done that myself.

So here are my tips for being MUCH happier as a business owner

1. Decide to BE happy. ?This is easier said than done for most biz owners, but it really is a decision. Once you’re clear about the fact that happiness is a decision — the rest sort of falls into place. It basically looks like this — get up in the morning and say — I am happy today. Slap a smile on your face and NOTICE — this is key — all the things that make you happy. Maybe it’s how great the bed feels early in the morning or the smell and taste of that first cup of coffee. Maybe it’s seeing the birds chirping — whatever it takes, take the time to LOOK for the things that contribute to your happiness. This, by far is the greatest tip.
2. What are you committed to? ?Think about the last time you were angry — what happened? Something probably didn’t go the way you WANTED it to — that “want” — that is your commitment. So let’s say you’re committed to running every day. But then you have to go on a business trip. When you get there, you’re already scoping out potential places where you can run — and if it doesn’t happen for you — say your meeting runs late or something — suddenly you’re a little miffed and then the waitress brings you the wrong order — and BAM – you are angry. Think about your commitments as something to design your life and business systems around. This way, things are less likely to get in the way.
3. What can people count on you for — This is HUGE! By definition a business owner wears every hat in the house and so you feel like you have to be everything to everyone. DECIDE and choose what people can count on you for and then just focus on delivering that.
Overall – – I think business owners live under the LIE that they have to sell to everyone and be everything to everyone — and if they have commitments outside their business — well, of course, those get ignored and this is what leads to stress and frustration.
Having more fun and fulfillment in your life and making money as a successful business owner — are NOT mutually exclusive. To be happy, you have to stop and take a quick inventory of what’s happening in your life and what you’re making it mean. Once you uncover how you’ve been sabotaging your happiness — you’ll instantly change things and be MUCH happier – and more profitable.