The Twitter List feature has been active on Twitter for over a year now. But to be honest – I just didn’t really get how to use it or how it can help me. As it turns out Twitter List is an incredibly powerful feature for CEOs and executives who want to keep an eye out on what’s happening in their industry or with their customers — or any area of interest.

How to Use a Twitter List

I realize that unless you understand how to use Twitter Lists – you’re not even going to take the two minutes it takes to put one together. Seriously – I know it’s two minutes because I put together a little video to show you how to do it and it took about that long!

Now – imagine being a fly on the wall while your customers share information about what they’re up to. Or imagine listening in on conversations that thought leaders in your area of interest. What if you could see what the people who influence your business decisions were chatting about? ?That’s what I’m talking about.

Now before you get your undies in a bind over privacy — let’s be clear about something. Chances are good that neither you nor the people that you are following are going to be sharing anything other than what you might hear at a cocktail party or a networking event. Privacy is mostly an issue with younger people or people who don’t have basic social skills and too much time. 98% of the people you’re going to be following on Twitter are professionals and leaders in their industry who have more important things to do than to share what they’re having for breakfast 24 hours a day. So get over that myth.

Here is a real Twitter stream from my list of CEOs that I follow:

As you can see, even the fun, casual tweets have to do with interesting things. I can see exactly what my target audience is reading, thinking about and looking at in their own words. This allows me to be closer to them, use their language and be on the same page as they are.

In summary – Twitter Lists are a company leader’s best friend. They are easy to pull together and provide a wealth of information.

How to put together a Twitter List

So what are you waiting for – pull together your Twitter List today