Video is one of the best ways to market your business on landing pages, social media, email and content marketing. But the reality is most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t have huge budgets for video production. So what’s the best way to tap into the magic of video marketing without going into debt? I’ve found two great online video services that will help you create unique animated videos in hardly any time.


moovdMoovd helps small business owners make unique animated video in less than a minute – with nothing to learn. The system uses cutting edge technology that turns the words you type into simple and powerful animated text. You can see the results in seconds.

Moovd makes it easy to create a moving text video. The website program will walk you through the entire process. All you do is start with a SEO-friendly title and add your script. Then you select your music and theme, add your call to action, company name, email and website address. You can also upload your company’s logo or graphics. Once you preview the video and pay the fee (about $99), you get the video URL and code to use wherever you want. You can also upload it straight to YouTube.

Be sure to check out Moovd in action. The Southern California chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association uses Moovd to create videos for its website and social media. The Advanced Lasik Spot in the mid-west leverages Moovd to build bold low-cost ad creative for its pre-roll clients. And Plumeria Fine Cookies, a Hollywood cake company with celebrity clients, is using video for the first time with Moovd.


powtoonsPowToon is a new presentation software that allows you to create your own videos, presentations and product demo clips. The services has themes of animated characters, props, music, and transitions that allows you to drag and drop to create an animated presentation in an eye-catching and fun way.

PowToon is a great alternative to PowerPoint. They provide all the animation tools and guide you from start to finish. It’s a surprisingly simple process that’s more dynamic than a PowerPoint, but less involved than a scripted and professionally-shot video.The price to create a PowToon video ranges from monthly subscription or pay by export. There is always a basic free option, and you can upgrade to a premium level depending on your needs.

Do you use video to market your video? Would you try one of these services?