There are really only two ways to successful market yourself on the internet:

  1. Participate in a well, targeted niche.
  2. Identify and “own” the keywords associated with that niche.

There are lots of great free keyword tools out there. My favorites are

I’ve been reviewing and participating in Ed Dale’s “The Challenge 2010” which consists of a series of short, easy-to-follow video clips and easy-to-finish homework assignments designed to help you get better at targeting your market and owning the keywords that will get you found so you can get chosen.

The first couple of videos are all about understanding the definitions of market, target market, market niche and, micro niche (which is where all the gold is.) ?The assignment was to identify 7 market and niche ideas.

Cool Tools to Help You Brainstorm For Niches

  1. Search Magazines on Amazon. com. LOVE this idea for its ease and simplicity. Simply head over to Amazon, then head over to the menu on the left and click on “Books” – you’ll get a sub-menu. Scroll down and click on “Magazines”. You’ll notice that there are all kinds of subjects and categories. Those are the different “markets.” ?Then click on a subject and you’ll see all the sub-categories (on the left) — those would be your niches and micro niches.
  2. Use Google Keyword Search Tool. Once you’ve clicked over to you’ll see that there are “categories” that Google has already identified — those would be your markets. Then you’ll see the keywords that people had been searching on — those are potential “niches.”

See if you can identify 7 niches of your own.