When it comes to figuring out what to spend on marketing, most small business owners are stumped.  Spending money on marketing isn’t as easy to do as spending money on a piece of equipment.  Marketing is an unknown and too many small business owners are simply overwhelmed by the number of marketing strategies and tools out there.  But that doesn’t mean that you should do nothing.

Jon Ferrara, Founder, and CEO of Goldmine and Nimble knows a lot about how to launch and run a business without spending money on marketing.  When he launched Goldmine, he wasn’t as well knows as he is today.  What he knew, however, was the power of influence and connection.  Instead of trying to reach and convert millions of business owners to his new sales and customer relationship management platform, he focused on those people who were connected to his customers and influenced them.  This proved to be a huge success.

Decades later, when he launched Nimble, a social selling and relationship management took, he decided to do the same thing.  However, instead of focusing on technical people or technical brands, he started spreading the word with journalists and sales and marketing experts who would not only use his tool but would sing its praises to their communities.

In this episode of #BizapaloozaChat, Jon gets into the details of how he implemented this strategy twice,  Lean in and take notes because it moves pretty fast, and you don’t want to miss it.