Even if you’re not really planning on creating a Facebook brand page to target Internet users, any brand worth its salt is still going to have an Internet presence in this day and age. In fact, it’s getting to the point where it’s very hard to survive unless you’re part of the Internet. Modern convenience, widespread accessibility, high-end graphics, easy shopping, and the unrivaled dominance of social media newer brands out there simply can’t afford to miss out.

Especially when speaking about the growing and dominant mobile market, making sure you cater to on-the-go users accessing the net through smartphones and tablets is something of extreme significance.

Of course, how you present yourself to the mobile market matters even more than presenting yourself at all. Take your particular logo for example. A full-sized logo on a basic website might be very representative of your brand. But how does that logo look on a mobile device? Are you changing it any? Should you be changing it?

Why the Mobile Market is Important

If you’re wondering why the mobile market is so important for your branding and for your company’s logo, you need to quickly realize that, in only a few short years, we’re going to have more mobile devices in circulation on the planet than actual people. Accessing the net via phone or tablet is going to overtake the number of people accessing from a home computer.

The benefits have been named for the user, but the drawbacks for you include: Less detail presented, smaller image sizes, a streamlining of content, and a base with a much shorter attention span, meaning you need to draw people in a lot quicker.

Obviously, unique logo designs are a must when targeting a mobile market. Below, we’ll cover some examples of logos that look great on a mobile device, and why they stand out so well. You can take the lessons here and implement them in your logo design.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Logo Stands Out

1. Test the Mobile Image


The new logo update by eBay is great because it stands out as much more modern. Part of the reason for the change was that the company needed something that popped on smaller monitors and on HD devices. It’s still basically the same logo, only now it really stands out and appears very modern. Remember this as you begin to design a mobile logo.

2. A Simple yet Bold Design


As you can see from Red Bull?s iconic logo (one of the many they actually use), you can be very bold and eye-catching while still keeping things simple. A round yellow circle to represent the sun, two red bulls, and the words Red Bull? there’s nothing complex about this, yet it’s very bold, very appealing, and this type of logo still looks great via a mobile device.

3. Offer an Alternative


There is an awful lot that people can learn from Google in terms of creating different logos for different parts of their company and for different devices. Google’s main logo, its name, still holds up well on mobile devices, but this envelope for G-Mail is great. And the blue G and the Chrome logo are also examples of different, smaller logos used by the same brand that stand up great for mobile viewing. So think about alternative logos.

4. Be a Leader, Not a Follower


Like eBay, Apple also changed to keep up with the times. But they did so in part because they were helping to lead the way in mobile technologies. Apple didn’t only evolve their product line; they evolved their entire image. Everything was updated. The lesson you can take from Apple is that being a trendsetter is probably better for you than following along with trends. This can definitely translate into your mobile logo design.

5. Simple Colors are Best


One of the simplest iconic logos you will ever see, Facebook?s lowercase “f” is something that can be made in Paint or with a cut-rate image editor. There’s nothing fancy about it, but no matter how small you shrink it, the simplicity makes it impossible to miss. Remember, creating something overly bright, colorful and detailed will lose its luster when streamlined and/or shrunken.

These are not standalone tips above. When working with a service like Logosack to create your logotype, you still have to implement all of the other sound logo-based tips which will ensure a memorable, user-friendly logo. Just be sure to incorporate the above mentioned examples when you’re designing something for the mobile market.